The Origin Of your Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is iconic around the world during the celebration of Christmas, but where exactly did this custom originate from? When did human beings adopt this practice and how did it grow to be so in style in nearly every corner of the earth? It appears that the behavior of utilizing evergreen trees and branches arises from historical periods, because they ended up utilized in various sorts of rituals. Tree worshiping wasn’t uncommon among the Pagan civilizations of Europe, who lived millennia ago. It appears that the Scandinavian folks accustomed to established up trees for Christmas to invite birds to sing around their properties in this period and applied the branches of evergreen trees to embellish their houses and barns within the New Calendar year, mainly because it was thought that they chased absent lousy spirits.

The Romans, Chinese, Egyptians, and Hebrews also experienced rituals with evergreen branches, which they believed symbolized eternal life. A number of are convinced the trendy Artificial Christmas Trees Reviews 2017 come from the Viking and Saxon patterns of worshiping trees, through winter season rites in advance of the emergence of Christianity. The Germans also experienced this kind of techniques round the eighth century, as illustrated in the folks tale of Saint Boniface, who minimize the Donar’s Oak and planted an evergreen tree in the exact same site later on.

The 1st cutting-edge Christmas tree might possibly extraordinarily properly have appeared in early fashionable Germany, over the Renaissance interval. It is also believed that Martin Luther additional lighted candles to an evergreen tree in the sixteenth century, symbolizing the primary decorations of this type of tree in historical past. Some are convinced the routine of using Christmas trees during Christmas possibly will come from medieval plays, when Christmas Eve was thought about to generally be the Feast Working day of Adam and Eve, the Paradise Tree simply being depicted by an evergreen tree adorned with fruits. But as these performs begun for being banned in the 16th century, several men and women began to recreate the “paradise trees” in their properties. They have been adorned with spherical pastry wafers, symbolizing the Eucharist, which afterwards turned into cookie ornaments, very common in Germany when you’re thinking of decorating the Christmas tree.

Very often, close to the Christmas tree, persons used to established up wood pyramids wherever they put candles, in some areas a single candle for every member within the family members. In time, the candles from these pyramids moved onto the trees, hence the first lights ornaments may have appeared in this way. It took some time for Christmas trees for being connected with Christmas gifts. Its stated that, in Christian perception, the Magi brought presents for the new child Jesus, as a sign of gratitude. The very first customers of exchanging items existed because the times of the Romans, who accustomed to try this through the winter’s solstice. But, for the reason that it absolutely was viewed as an Epiphany in the early days of Christianity, it absolutely was forbidden. The follow reappeared within family members in enough time of Luther, while gift exchanging was conducted in mystery. But, every time they started off to always be connected to St. Nicholas, gift exchanging and putting items beneath the Christmas tree, the exercise turned increased plus more well-liked.

Even though the Christmas tree hasn’t come from a plainly defined stage, it could be said that the custom is actually around for a huge number of decades. Starting off being a pagan ritual and afterwards adopted by Christianity, Christmas trees possess a extensive record from their organic and natural origins of the quick branch towards the very ornamented trees we all know at this time.


Survival Base Camp Tents

You don’t have to be a prepper or survivalist to be interested in a survival base camp tent. It’s really just a matter of words. You can also call it a camping base camp tent. It all applies because the tents on this page are good for any situation where you or your family need shelter.
Survival is applicable though because whether you’re camping in the woods nearby, on a snowy mountain or really anywhere, you will “survive” and “thrive” better if you have decent shelter and a central location for everyone to meet at.

You can easily transport these tents no matter where you are going. You will see different categories which apply to different tastes and solutions.

If you have one of these tents or you have another one not listed that really work then leave me a comment in the guestbook area.


Happy Anniversary Wishes

Happy Anniversary Wishes

Time just got stopped since the day we got married, in a hive of love, smiles, laughter and happiness. My love, happy anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, my buttercup! Looking at the happy past moments and experiences, I am looking forward to more of the brilliant times to come ahead. My happiness lies in making you happy. Keep smiling.


I gave you a ring on our wedding but you gave me your whole life to spend with me, and that’s what makes you special and worthy of all of my love and respect. Happy Anniversary, Sugar Bear!

Happy Anniversary to a beautiful lady with a genius mind! I love you precious. I owe you much love and care.

Since the day you came in my life, my days started to get better and more surprisingly, my every day is better than the previous. Happy Anniversary, Honey Bee!

We got married just a few years ago, but you understand me in the very best way and more than anyone. Happy anniversary, dear! Love You.

Happy Anniversary, dearest! You are the reason of my happiness and my life’s perfect just because of you.

No matter how many years of our married life pass by, my love for you will always going to thrive. Let us rejoice today in the loving memories of our blessed life and think of the good days that are yet to come. Happy Anniversary, my sugar crunch!

This day is a reminder for me, for the best decision I made in my life by proposing a lady as beautiful, colorful, and delicate as a flower. Happy anniversary.

All of my years since we got married have been like a beautiful long lasting dream. I love you, happy anniversary!

We are among the best of the couples, who didn’t give up in the times of troubles. I love you, darling. Happy anniversary.

I have been able to see the beauty and charm of this world because you made me see all that. I will prove to be our children’s best dad. Happy anniversary, baby.


Download Fifa 17

And once more, we are here for you, and we bring you the possibility to download the new Fifa17 for PC. If, as you have heard, you can download Fifa17 for pc completely free, if you follow the steps that we are going to indicate below. Must be taken into account, and is that for reasons of the different firms that make the game, the version for PC and consoles will leave at different times, which causes that many players are even more eager to play the new Fifa17, one of the games that all players expect year after year, and that every year come exceeded their expectations that Primergolpe always be outnumbers seeking to be the best game of football on the market.

Download Fifa17 for PC


We already know that you are anxious to play this game piece, but first of all, and more, in computer games, must inform you of the necessary minimum requirements to play at full capacity to Fifa17. The most important, and this is no exception, it is the operating system. To do this, we will need a relatively current operating system. This old saying that we need a system that includes from Windows Vista to the famous Windows 10 which has been launched this year to the different market. Key will also be the processor, since but our computer is recalentera too much and created us many problems when it comes to play. The necessary processor to play Fifa17 will be Intel Core 2. Moreover, as a recommendation, you need a recommended RAM of 4 GB and 24 GB disk space.

If you meet these requirements, do not have any problem to download Fifa17 for PC, something which we are sure happy. This game, as Fifa fans know, is a game that will require our computer of a high processing capacity, since the creators have added many effects and improvements, making the graphics and the gameplay to increase significantly, but that also causes that in spite of the game a lot more.Therefore, when you download Fifa17 for PC, which downloads will be a compressed file, but we will just have to unzip it and follow the installation steps for does not have any of incidence and enjoy this great game as soon as possible. 


As we just mentioned previously, Fifa17 is a work of art from a technical point of view, but for this reason, is a heavy game, so we need a time so that the discharge is made. Don’t worry, if you have a stable connection you canenjoy Fifa17 for PC in a very short period of time.

Once download has been made, and that the installation is carried out, we simply remain an element, but the most important of all. Enjoy the new FIFA 17 for PC.


Recommended to play requirements Fifa17 in PC:

  • Operating system: Windows 7/8.1/10-64-Bit
  • Processor: Intel i5 – 3550K @ 3.40 GHz or AMD FX 8150 @ 3.6GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Hard disk space: 50 GB
  • Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R9 270
  • DirectX: 11.0

I love you quotes


Never compromise yourself on less then you deserve. You should rather be single then this sort of relationship.

Well the fear of being hurt in a relationship makes you stay single sometimes.

I can not make sure that being single will keep your really happy but i can guarantee that it will keep you far from all the pain.

I would love to be single on a valentine’s day.

I would love to experience being single on a valentine’s day.

When i say i am single, it does not mean that i do not love anyone. Rather i love my freedom.

Do you know the perks of being single? You just don’t have to spend your money on any body else.

Being single makes you richer. Love quotes for him Try it sometimes.

I like you, but i like money more so i would rather be single.

Being single is necessary for a healthy life.

It is a thousand times better to be single and find your true self than being in a relation and loosing yourself.

I love being single and then i hate being single. I love it because i can do whatever i want and i hate it because there is no one to tell me to stop doing it and i would still do it.

Not all the persons being single are drowning in loneliness and not all the persons who are in a relationship are happy. It is just a matter of choice.

If you are single it does not mean that life is not fair to you. It means that you are lucky that you have not tasted those flirts and heartbreaks. You will directly find the love of your life.

I am single and i am in love with my food only. There is no more loyal love than the love of food.

Other say that they love it when their boyfriends says “I love you”
I say i love it when my microwave says “common food is ready”.


If you are single, don’t be sad. God is watching over you and he is planning to save you for someone special.

Everyone of my friends have their boyfriends or girlfriends and i am just like “I am still in love with my food and i can not betray him”.

Being single does not mean that i am available also. I just want to enjoy my time alone.

My heart is so damaged by all the lies, betrayals and heartbreaks that i just want to go to some place quiet and take care of my self. I want to drown in loneliness and find myself again.

Have some confidence, you will definitely find a girl who has the same mentality and mindset as you have.

Common stop waiting for your prince. Get up and find him yourself. That poor thing must be stuck in somewhere.

These are all “being single” quotes in the world i bet.



Ten tips and tricks to win battles in Clash Royale

It is one of the games for mobile time when we have already mastered the basics it’s time to know some of the tactics, strategies and secrets that can apply in the battles to win battles in Clash Royale, which is the ultimate goal of the title and which we will gradually increase the level and ranking.

Clash Royale is presented as a strategy game where being something smarter than our opponent can lead us to victory. With clashes that only last a couple of minutes, have some aces in our manga is usually the best way to end the towers and castle rival before we destroy ourselves. We’ve scoured the Internet the advice of the most skilled players Clash Royale and then the Decalogue winning strategies for the game you select creators of Clash of Clans.

Clash characters Royale

Before going further we remind you that we have already discussed this title on several occasions and also have a comprehensive guide for tricks and a selection with the best videos with the secrets of the game:

1. Never expect in the first attack, but do it with a letter low cost

The first attack in Clash Royale is always the one that costs more Elixir, which will determine our fate in the battle. We can not expect to receive the first blow because it would give a competitive advantage to our opponent but we can try to counter their attack with a letter from low level to save and discover how to defeat him or, at least, the strategy you will use.

2. Eliminates powerful cards with other lower level

It may seem absurd advice, but is very effective. The idea is to use lower – level cards equaling the balance against a powerful attack and that gives us an advantage of Elixir for the next wave. This is, for example, a horde of Minions that costs 5 Elixir can be repelled an attack with arrows representing a cost of 3 or Wizard and Barbarians powerful, which together total 10, you can stop a Fireball cost 4 .

3. Attacks on the side of the tower you have most played

This is also a basic strategy, because if the two towers of the enemy have the same energy, we can attack again and, incidentally, protect our weakest flank while in Clash Royale.

4. Think of your card as a “team”

Clash Royale letters are not only designed to use one at a time, the key is how the big players combine the strengths and weaknesses of both. For example, a slow Golem can defend better if we support a Fireball distance to get to the enemy castle, or a little tough Montapuercos combined with freezing letter becomes a titan.

Clash Royale

5. The perfect half

When setting up your deck, as I discussed in our guide tips, tricks and secrets of Clash Royale , there is a magic number that is the average of Elixir we should have to have a winning card selection. Each card has a specific gravity but if we have a deck with an average between 4 and 5, we already part of the battle won.

6. No “sprints” in the trap of the tower to fall

It is a strategy that many newbies fall to start. An experienced player can wait for the opponent to prime in a tower that is about to fall and sending more artillery to finish her off of it is necessary. If we do this, we will lose elixir and the letter we sent also lose power when approaching the main tower. That could leave us without the Elixir necessary to defend our strength if the opponent had kept an attack that will catch us off guard.

7 .- Do not send the “wounded” group

Another common mistake is to think that sending troops several poor health increases their ability to attack and defend. Not so, all we get nothing because a single attack with a fireball can kill all of them at once and leave our unattended flank.

Clash royale

8. Learn from the best

It is likely that even if you play with better people than you not be able to read your strategy and you’ll be thinking more about how to win the game. For this is TV Royale, Clash Royale a section where you can see people fighting level than yours and learn from what they are doing in each situation to attack or defend.

9. It also has spending rival Elixir

Clash good Royale is that the two teams have the same Elixir despite having different cards in your hand. You should go considering the letters throwing the enemy will probably also have us and go discounting expense is doing. For example, if we take a giant and a Prince, will be 0 Elixir, which is an opportunity to attack without us can repel a powerful letter.

10. “Normal” letters are perhaps the most important

Finally, do not neglect the most common letters because they are less expensive and more easy to climb level. Epic combined with letters or other in its class is essential to master the tempo of the game and to deal the final blow with some weirdest thing.

These are just 10 tips but sure many of you know more a trick or strategy you want to share with those who are also starting in Clash Royale? We leave, however, with the video of Jose Alberto Gallardo, a real crack Clash Royale, which we learned a lot and perhaps gives the best advice about the game – not in vain teaches chess -.


Designs and types of beds

The bed is the fundamental and essential element in every room and every house. In it you spend many hours a day and should be nice enough for you to get rest .

Types of beds to decorate your room:

As always, when choosing a bed , you have different possibilities :

Japanese type Bed: This is a low bed where you sleep almost up to the ground . If you opt for this type of bed combine it with details and oriental decoration.

Colonial bed type: Crerás a rustic and cozy atmosphere to your room. Combine it with linen bed as they usually clear the wood of these types of bed is dark.

White Lacquered beds: Very fashionable nowadays white lacquered furniture combined with accessories in black or dark gray. A modern and current option.

Beds with integrated tables: It is very modern beds and fairly straight lines. The tables are attached to the same bed and often treated nightstands low. For this type of bed quilts and choose modernst sheets.

Dark wood beds: The ashen gray is very fashionable to use in the furniture. You can use strong colors to contrast and give a touch of joy (use red, orange, apple green or blue sky). Or combine white and gray for grear a very elegant and distinguished atmosphere.

score hero hack

Canopy beds for your room: The canopy beds make us evoke a bygone era where large rooms of characters of the nobility . Had as central a huge bed with a roof, similar to a boat At present ,the c love canopy have been modernized to form part of the decoration of conventional homes, but providing a different touch and distinguished the bedrooms.

The need of different types, the most required, which fit into environments colonial style . Dark and solid wood or wrought iron, and simple lines. You can dress their rails with curtains to add a romantic touch if you wish. The canopied beds are also incorporated into modern rooms. These should be fine and no extra adornment bars to avoid overloading the atmosphere. If you like this kind of beds , but not pudes, or want to change you already have at home, creating a canopy with a large mosquito net, which frames and realze bed. Choose it in a vaporous and airy with lots of drop cloth. Remember that a canopy bed needs space , to avoid being “boxed” in the bedroom, so it is advisable to incorporate only if the ceilings are high. King Size Bed Frames


Interior and exterior doors: Types and Features

This time we will work to analyze the characteristics and functions to be performed doors, depending on where the house where they stowed. That is, if the door is input, it must fulfill certain functions, reason why it will have to be given material. However, if the door is inside, it may be other material and perform other functions.

In recent publications we have been focusing on different types, classes and features from different aspects. Different styles to decorate our garden and types of wood drills . Today we continue with the trend and we will analyze the different types of doors for home.

The first and most important is to understand that according to the place of the house where we will place the door, this will have particular characteristics. That is, if the door will place it at the entrance of the home, it must meet the following requirements: must provide security , privacy, and comfort. However, if the door is inside, their functions change. In this case will have to offer privacy, let or not the light, separate rooms, air conditioning facilitate the different rooms, etc.

In addition to the functions, the material usually also change. While we can choose them the material that we like, we must keep in mind that depending on the function, there are materials that offer better features for a particular purpose.

As an example we can say that as the outer door must provide the highest possible security against theft, resisting climate change, isolate thermally and acoustically, the material chosen must work with these functions, so that wood, metals and PVC materials are generally suitable for these cases.

In contrast, interior doors, they generally tend to be wood, as this material provides a warm and welcoming home environment. In addition, wood allows a type of decoration according to each house.

Some types of doors are:

Swing : These are one or two leaves and its opening angle is at least 90 degrees.

Oscilobatientes : These types of doors have a mechanism allows the opening in both directions, ranging in both directions.

Sliders : At some point we have spoken particularly of them . Whose leaves are the doors slide, having the peculiarity that can have one or two leaves; curved or semicircular shape. They are ideal to save space.

Rotating : These are rare in homes. Usually we found in shopping malls, banks or large shops. Have a fixed circular or semicircular with inner leaves that normally move in the opposite direction to clockwise manually or automated external structure. Garrage door hardware kits

Telescoping s: These are lateral systems with multiple sheets which can slide to occupy only the size of a sheet.

Folding : In the case of folding, opening mechanism is folding leaves, small and generally zigzag.



Christmas is a tradition that is celebrated in many countries around the world. The festivities will change depending on the country and the language spoken. These are some of the most famous and typical forms of celebrating Christmas in the world. Celebrate with Regenbig Christmas in different languages ! Christmas Light Projectors


Argentina’s Eve is very similar to what we know in Spain, including tree decorated with balls and colored lights. But undoubtedly the most awaited by children and adults are deposited gifts under it. According to tradition, women are given away pink underwear to bring good luck in the new year. Christmas meals include typical roast, salads, cold cider, candies and ice cream.


In Italy the night New Year’s Eve is celebrated by eating a bowl of lentils. In Rome and Naples to twelve nights old toys are thrown to start the year off right and renewed.

United Kingdom

In the UK there is no Christmas without the traditional branches of mistletoe that protect against evil and attract luck to households. In Britain, the year begins noisily with fireworks and crackers exploding gifts snapping and contain surprises and one joke.


In France comes St. Nicholas the night of December 6 , but the Christmas spirit is already in place since November 25, with the celebration of Sainte Catherine. It is very common to use the advent calendar and eat a candy bar from December 1 to 24, Christmas Eve.


Almost the entire Irish population is Catholic and therefore, the holidays are heavily influenced by religion.One of the most unique traditions of this country, is celebrating Christmas with candles everywhere. A large candle, lit by the youngest member, at the entrance of the houses serves to welcome the Sagrada Familia and can only be turned off by a child or adult named Mary.


In Belgium it is traditional to skate after the typical holiday meal. All families skates fit and arranged to slide down the icy rivers. San Nicolas comes every December 4 to ensure that children have been good and let them gifts and sweets.

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iOS 9: tips to boost the autonomy of your iPhone

1 – Enable News application (even if you are not in the USA)

To do this you must go to Settings> Language & Region. Then change the area by “USA”. This will effectively display a new application “News” on the home screen. Ansi you can enjoy the articles proposed by the major US newspapers and website without being in the US. The app will provide news articles localized France, Spain, Germany, etc … as and from the agreements that Apple will go with publishers worldwide.

2 – Save a pdf version of the web page to read in iBooks.

Imagine you read a very interesting article on a website and want to keep it. When you visit a web page in Safari, click the share button (the box with an arrow) and then click “Save PDF in iBooks.”

3 – Control the Audio Return SIRI with the mute button.

You can tell the system to cut or activate audio return SIRI (the sound you hear when you activate SIRI) using the mute button that can cut or activate the silent mode on the edge of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. For this go to Settings> General> Siri and select “With the button” Back in Audio.

4 – Activate the Power Save mode

Just go to Settings> Battery and activate the mode. Ansi, being in this mode, the iPhone, for example, preserves battery power by turning the refreshment background apps, recovery of emails, and automatic downloads some visual effect, the time you reboot the iPhone. Useful when you beings ric-rac battery side in the late afternoon, or trip and do not have a charger handy.

The Power Saver mode automatically turns off when the battery of your device is fully charged.

5 – Accept or deny a computer access to your photos / videos

Now when you connect your iPhone via USB to a computer, the iPhone will ask if you want to or not allow this computer to access your photos and video.

6 – Activate and display the app iCloud Drive on the Home screen

Go to Settings> iCloud> iCloud Drive and enable “Show on the Home screen”.

7 – The shift key reacted like a real QWERTY keyboard

The shift key on the keyboard displayed on the screen when text entry now puts the letters in upper or lower case for a better indication of the mode in which you are when you press the Shift button (the button with an arrow pointing the top)

8 – New Battery Widget in the notification center

This widget lets you view the percentage of remaining battery on the iPhone and the Apple Watch (if you have paired one with your iPhone).

9 – Show your Apple Pay cards from the locked screen

Provided that you enable the “main button 2 times” in Settings, Wallet and Apple Pay, clicking 2 times on the home button you can view your payment cards stored in Wallet and usable with Apple Pay directly from the ‘locked screen.

10 – Add attachments in your mail files after iCloud or your apps

When writing an email in the email application, leave your finger on the screen (in the text) to bring up a context menu. Click here 2 times on the right arrow to bring up the command “Add attachment”. The file to be added may be from iCloud or any of your installed apps on the iPhone.

11 – more than 5 Send photos by email

Apple has lifted the limit of 5 photos that you can send in a single email. Select as many photos as you want in the film and share them by email with your callers.

12 – Take the app where you êtiez

Imagine you are reading an email, and you receive a notification at that time a new SMS. You click on the notification to read the sms. And then you notice at the top left of the screen the text “Return to Mail”. Clicking it well … you’ll see for yourself. This works for all apps.

13 – “Find my iPhone” and “Find My Friends” pre-installed

The app Find my iPhone (Find My iPhon) and the app “Find My Friends” are now pre-installed with iOS 9. “Find My Friends” also has its own displayable widget in Notification Center.

14 – Video Resolution 1080p or 720p?

Now you can choose the resolution in which the iPhone record video, including the video in slow motion. Go to Settings> Photos and apparatus and in the “Camera”.

15 – Search settings easily

In the Settings app, you’ll notice a new search boxes that will look for a setting / a particular option. (Waouuu well, it’s not too early).

16 – Notifications grouped by Application

In the Notification Center, you can group notifications applications. For this activate the “Group By” app in Settings> Notifications.

17 – Tab “Unread” in the app Podcast

As its name suggests, the app now features a Podcast tab “Unread” consolidating your episodes, not yet read bah

18 – Contact Photos in Messages

Photo Contacts is now also available on iPhone 6 as it is on the iPhone 6Plus.

19 – Graphic History in the Health app

Graphs showing the evolution of data over are now available in the app health if you switch the camera in landscape mode. To view the graph, first enter a data type, such as “number of steps” and then switch to landscape mode.

20 – The keyboard has a special section emoticon Flag

Write an email or message and click on the emoticon under the keypad to display the list of Emoji. There you will see a new “Flags” section by clicking on the small gray flag.

21 – Safari extension has Blockers content

When developers publish their mobile Safari extensions on the app store, you can  block certain content such as pubs directly in Safari. To this end, a new settings available in Settings> Safari> Blockers content (just listing these extensions). This setting is accessible only if you have installed at least one blocker extension of content. By searching in Settings, it is displayed (but not clickable if no extension is installed)

22 – View the desktop version of a site directly from the Activity menu

As the name suggests, imagine that you visit the mobile version of a site. Well, since the activity menu (the box with an arrow in the bottom bar in Safari), click on “Site Office Version” to display the PC version instead of the mobile site.

23 – Disable “Shake to undo”

To do this, go to Settings> General> Accessibility and turn the “Shake to undo” (knob in the off position). Useful if you tend to often shake your teléphone; it will not display the alert canceled.

24 – Folder in the Photos app

IOS 9, images are now stored a file with the name of the content type. So you will find there the film, but also new folder as Self Portraits, Panoramas, Slow, Videos, Expedited, Gusts, Screenshots.

25 – Dossier iPads

On the home screen, you’ll notice that the folders on your iPad displays 4 applications per line and 4 lines per file unlike the iPhone where it’s 3×3.

26 – Custom alphanumeric code

If you do not want a numeric password or a 6-digit alphanumeric password, you can create a custom numeric password. To do this go to Settings> Touch ID and PIN> Change code. There you will see bottom of page “Code Options” by clicking on it you can enter a custom alphanumeric code.

27 – Calculator and conversion directly in Research

You can enter a calculation as “2 + 2” in the search, it will display the calculation result.The search is available by sliding to the left from the first page of the Home screen or sliding down from any page of the Home screen.

This also works for currency conversions. example:

  • Type 1000 EUR, the search will give you the equivalent in US Dollars.
  • Type 1000 EUR in INR, the search will give you the equivalent in Indian Rupees.

28 – Select multiple photos by sliding it in the Photos app

To select images in one go, in the Photos app, enter in the album of your choice and click “Select” in the upper right then slide your finger (free standing) in photos. You will find that they are automatically selected. Very useful if you do not want to select the pictures one by one.

29 – Contextual Search with SIRI

You can ask Siri to remind you of some chsoe or show you pictures taken at a specific location.

  • Reminders: Imagine you are reading a news article on a website but do not have time to read all, just tell Siri “Remind me to read this later” and hop Siri will create you a reminder with the link to the web page being read.
  • Photos: Set Siri for example, “Show me pictures of the last August”, it will open the Photos app with your photos taken in the month of last August

30 – Who called me?

IF you receive a call from an unknown number, Siri will search your emails to try to find the name of the person trying to contact you. This option can be disabled in the settings.

31 – Play mode improved in Safari

Safari features an improved playback. So when you visit a web page containing text, if you see the icon hamburger shape displayed on the top left of the address bar, it means that the reading mode is available. Clicking with iOS 9, you will see ” Aa ” in the upper right of the address bar. Clicking on the “Aa”, you can access options like switch to night mode, change the font, font size. If you use iBooks, you will not be disoriented.

32 – Safari – Function “Paste and access”

If you copy a web site URL and then pressed without releasing the Safari address bar, you will see a new “Paste and access” that will stick the URL of the copied website to automatically display the site in question. This also works without changing page: copy your url, hold the address bar pressed to bring up the menu “Copy | Paste and access.”

33 – Annotate your photos directly to a Mail

After you add a photo to an email, tap and hold on the image to bring up a context menu. There, look for “Annotation” to add a note to your photo. You can even add a signature.

34 – Safari – function “Reload without content blockers”

When you visit a website, and if you enabled in Safari settings content blockers, holding down the page to reload button (circular circle icon at the top right of the address bar ), you shoe up a menu where you can choose “Reload without content blockers”.

(Note: . Support, turn off your content Safari blockers when you read our articles Advertising is our only source of funding at this time ).

35 – Safari – Quickly view the “Version for site office”

When you visit a website that displays in its version for mobile, holding down the page to reload button (circular circle icon at the top right of the address bar), you shoe appear a menu where you can choose “version for site office” just to display the computer version of the site.