iOS 9: tips to boost the autonomy of your iPhone

1 – Enable News application (even if you are not in the USA)

To do this you must go to Settings> Language & Region. Then change the area by “USA”. This will effectively display a new application “News” on the home screen. Ansi you can enjoy the articles proposed by the major US newspapers and website without being in the US. The app will provide news articles localized France, Spain, Germany, etc … as and from the agreements that Apple will go with publishers worldwide.

2 – Save a pdf version of the web page to read in iBooks.

Imagine you read a very interesting article on a website and want to keep it. When you visit a web page in Safari, click the share button (the box with an arrow) and then click “Save PDF in iBooks.”

3 – Control the Audio Return SIRI with the mute button.

You can tell the system to cut or activate audio return SIRI (the sound you hear when you activate SIRI) using the mute button that can cut or activate the silent mode on the edge of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. For this go to Settings> General> Siri and select “With the button” Back in Audio.

4 – Activate the Power Save mode

Just go to Settings> Battery and activate the mode. Ansi, being in this mode, the iPhone, for example, preserves battery power by turning the refreshment background apps, recovery of emails, and automatic downloads some visual effect, the time you reboot the iPhone. Useful when you beings ric-rac battery side in the late afternoon, or trip and do not have a charger handy.

The Power Saver mode automatically turns off when the battery of your device is fully charged.

5 – Accept or deny a computer access to your photos / videos

Now when you connect your iPhone via USB to a computer, the iPhone will ask if you want to or not allow this computer to access your photos and video.

6 – Activate and display the app iCloud Drive on the Home screen

Go to Settings> iCloud> iCloud Drive and enable “Show on the Home screen”.

7 – The shift key reacted like a real QWERTY keyboard

The shift key on the keyboard displayed on the screen when text entry now puts the letters in upper or lower case for a better indication of the mode in which you are when you press the Shift button (the button with an arrow pointing the top)

8 – New Battery Widget in the notification center

This widget lets you view the percentage of remaining battery on the iPhone and the Apple Watch (if you have paired one with your iPhone).

9 – Show your Apple Pay cards from the locked screen

Provided that you enable the “main button 2 times” in Settings, Wallet and Apple Pay, clicking 2 times on the home button you can view your payment cards stored in Wallet and usable with Apple Pay directly from the ‘locked screen.

10 – Add attachments in your mail files after iCloud or your apps

When writing an email in the email application, leave your finger on the screen (in the text) to bring up a context menu. Click here 2 times on the right arrow to bring up the command “Add attachment”. The file to be added may be from iCloud or any of your installed apps on the iPhone.

11 – more than 5 Send photos by email

Apple has lifted the limit of 5 photos that you can send in a single email. Select as many photos as you want in the film and share them by email with your callers.

12 – Take the app where you êtiez

Imagine you are reading an email, and you receive a notification at that time a new SMS. You click on the notification to read the sms. And then you notice at the top left of the screen the text “Return to Mail”. Clicking it well … you’ll see for yourself. This works for all apps.

13 – “Find my iPhone” and “Find My Friends” pre-installed

The app Find my iPhone (Find My iPhon) and the app “Find My Friends” are now pre-installed with iOS 9. “Find My Friends” also has its own displayable widget in Notification Center.

14 – Video Resolution 1080p or 720p?

Now you can choose the resolution in which the iPhone record video, including the video in slow motion. Go to Settings> Photos and apparatus and in the “Camera”.

15 – Search settings easily

In the Settings app, you’ll notice a new search boxes that will look for a setting / a particular option. (Waouuu well, it’s not too early).

16 – Notifications grouped by Application

In the Notification Center, you can group notifications applications. For this activate the “Group By” app in Settings> Notifications.

17 – Tab “Unread” in the app Podcast

As its name suggests, the app now features a Podcast tab “Unread” consolidating your episodes, not yet read bah

18 – Contact Photos in Messages

Photo Contacts is now also available on iPhone 6 as it is on the iPhone 6Plus.

19 – Graphic History in the Health app

Graphs showing the evolution of data over are now available in the app health if you switch the camera in landscape mode. To view the graph, first enter a data type, such as “number of steps” and then switch to landscape mode.

20 – The keyboard has a special section emoticon Flag

Write an email or message and click on the emoticon under the keypad to display the list of Emoji. There you will see a new “Flags” section by clicking on the small gray flag.

21 – Safari extension has Blockers content

When developers publish their mobile Safari extensions on the app store, you can  block certain content such as pubs directly in Safari. To this end, a new settings available in Settings> Safari> Blockers content (just listing these extensions). This setting is accessible only if you have installed at least one blocker extension of content. By searching in Settings, it is displayed (but not clickable if no extension is installed)

22 – View the desktop version of a site directly from the Activity menu

As the name suggests, imagine that you visit the mobile version of a site. Well, since the activity menu (the box with an arrow in the bottom bar in Safari), click on “Site Office Version” to display the PC version instead of the mobile site.

23 – Disable “Shake to undo”

To do this, go to Settings> General> Accessibility and turn the “Shake to undo” (knob in the off position). Useful if you tend to often shake your teléphone; it will not display the alert canceled.

24 – Folder in the Photos app

IOS 9, images are now stored a file with the name of the content type. So you will find there the film, but also new folder as Self Portraits, Panoramas, Slow, Videos, Expedited, Gusts, Screenshots.

25 – Dossier iPads

On the home screen, you’ll notice that the folders on your iPad displays 4 applications per line and 4 lines per file unlike the iPhone where it’s 3×3.

26 – Custom alphanumeric code

If you do not want a numeric password or a 6-digit alphanumeric password, you can create a custom numeric password. To do this go to Settings> Touch ID and PIN> Change code. There you will see bottom of page “Code Options” by clicking on it you can enter a custom alphanumeric code.

27 – Calculator and conversion directly in Research

You can enter a calculation as “2 + 2” in the search, it will display the calculation result.The search is available by sliding to the left from the first page of the Home screen or sliding down from any page of the Home screen.

This also works for currency conversions. example:

  • Type 1000 EUR, the search will give you the equivalent in US Dollars.
  • Type 1000 EUR in INR, the search will give you the equivalent in Indian Rupees.

28 – Select multiple photos by sliding it in the Photos app

To select images in one go, in the Photos app, enter in the album of your choice and click “Select” in the upper right then slide your finger (free standing) in photos. You will find that they are automatically selected. Very useful if you do not want to select the pictures one by one.

29 – Contextual Search with SIRI

You can ask Siri to remind you of some chsoe or show you pictures taken at a specific location.

  • Reminders: Imagine you are reading a news article on a website but do not have time to read all, just tell Siri “Remind me to read this later” and hop Siri will create you a reminder with the link to the web page being read.
  • Photos: Set Siri for example, “Show me pictures of the last August”, it will open the Photos app with your photos taken in the month of last August

30 – Who called me?

IF you receive a call from an unknown number, Siri will search your emails to try to find the name of the person trying to contact you. This option can be disabled in the settings.

31 – Play mode improved in Safari

Safari features an improved playback. So when you visit a web page containing text, if you see the icon hamburger shape displayed on the top left of the address bar, it means that the reading mode is available. Clicking with iOS 9, you will see ” Aa ” in the upper right of the address bar. Clicking on the “Aa”, you can access options like switch to night mode, change the font, font size. If you use iBooks, you will not be disoriented.

32 – Safari – Function “Paste and access”

If you copy a web site URL and then pressed without releasing the Safari address bar, you will see a new “Paste and access” that will stick the URL of the copied website to automatically display the site in question. This also works without changing page: copy your url, hold the address bar pressed to bring up the menu “Copy | Paste and access.”

33 – Annotate your photos directly to a Mail

After you add a photo to an email, tap and hold on the image to bring up a context menu. There, look for “Annotation” to add a note to your photo. You can even add a signature.

34 – Safari – function “Reload without content blockers”

When you visit a website, and if you enabled in Safari settings content blockers, holding down the page to reload button (circular circle icon at the top right of the address bar ), you shoe up a menu where you can choose “Reload without content blockers”.

(Note: . Support, turn off your content Safari blockers when you read our articles Advertising is our only source of funding at this time ).

35 – Safari – Quickly view the “Version for site office”

When you visit a website that displays in its version for mobile, holding down the page to reload button (circular circle icon at the top right of the address bar), you shoe appear a menu where you can choose “version for site office” just to display the computer version of the site.

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