Christmas is a tradition that is celebrated in many countries around the world. The festivities will change depending on the country and the language spoken. These are some of the most famous and typical forms of celebrating Christmas in the world. Celebrate with Regenbig Christmas in different languages ! Christmas Light Projectors


Argentina’s Eve is very similar to what we know in Spain, including tree decorated with balls and colored lights. But undoubtedly the most awaited by children and adults are deposited gifts under it. According to tradition, women are given away pink underwear to bring good luck in the new year. Christmas meals include typical roast, salads, cold cider, candies and ice cream.


In Italy the night New Year’s Eve is celebrated by eating a bowl of lentils. In Rome and Naples to twelve nights old toys are thrown to start the year off right and renewed.

United Kingdom

In the UK there is no Christmas without the traditional branches of mistletoe that protect against evil and attract luck to households. In Britain, the year begins noisily with fireworks and crackers exploding gifts snapping and contain surprises and one joke.


In France comes St. Nicholas the night of December 6 , but the Christmas spirit is already in place since November 25, with the celebration of Sainte Catherine. It is very common to use the advent calendar and eat a candy bar from December 1 to 24, Christmas Eve.


Almost the entire Irish population is Catholic and therefore, the holidays are heavily influenced by religion.One of the most unique traditions of this country, is celebrating Christmas with candles everywhere. A large candle, lit by the youngest member, at the entrance of the houses serves to welcome the Sagrada Familia and can only be turned off by a child or adult named Mary.


In Belgium it is traditional to skate after the typical holiday meal. All families skates fit and arranged to slide down the icy rivers. San Nicolas comes every December 4 to ensure that children have been good and let them gifts and sweets.

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