Designs and types of beds

The bed is the fundamental and essential element in every room and every house. In it you spend many hours a day and should be nice enough for you to get rest .

Types of beds to decorate your room:

As always, when choosing a bed , you have different possibilities :

Japanese type Bed: This is a low bed where you sleep almost up to the ground . If you opt for this type of bed combine it with details and oriental decoration.

Colonial bed type: Crerás a rustic and cozy atmosphere to your room. Combine it with linen bed as they usually clear the wood of these types of bed is dark.

White Lacquered beds: Very fashionable nowadays white lacquered furniture combined with accessories in black or dark gray. A modern and current option.

Beds with integrated tables: It is very modern beds and fairly straight lines. The tables are attached to the same bed and often treated nightstands low. For this type of bed quilts and choose modernst sheets.

Dark wood beds: The ashen gray is very fashionable to use in the furniture. You can use strong colors to contrast and give a touch of joy (use red, orange, apple green or blue sky). Or combine white and gray for grear a very elegant and distinguished atmosphere.

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Canopy beds for your room: The canopy beds make us evoke a bygone era where large rooms of characters of the nobility . Had as central a huge bed with a roof, similar to a boat At present ,the c love canopy have been modernized to form part of the decoration of conventional homes, but providing a different touch and distinguished the bedrooms.

The need of different types, the most required, which fit into environments colonial style . Dark and solid wood or wrought iron, and simple lines. You can dress their rails with curtains to add a romantic touch if you wish. The canopied beds are also incorporated into modern rooms. These should be fine and no extra adornment bars to avoid overloading the atmosphere. If you like this kind of beds , but not pudes, or want to change you already have at home, creating a canopy with a large mosquito net, which frames and realze bed. Choose it in a vaporous and airy with lots of drop cloth. Remember that a canopy bed needs space , to avoid being “boxed” in the bedroom, so it is advisable to incorporate only if the ceilings are high. King Size Bed Frames

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