Interior and exterior doors: Types and Features

This time we will work to analyze the characteristics and functions to be performed doors, depending on where the house where they stowed. That is, if the door is input, it must fulfill certain functions, reason why it will have to be given material. However, if the door is inside, it may be other material and perform other functions.

In recent publications we have been focusing on different types, classes and features from different aspects. Different styles to decorate our garden and types of wood drills . Today we continue with the trend and we will analyze the different types of doors for home.

The first and most important is to understand that according to the place of the house where we will place the door, this will have particular characteristics. That is, if the door will place it at the entrance of the home, it must meet the following requirements: must provide security , privacy, and comfort. However, if the door is inside, their functions change. In this case will have to offer privacy, let or not the light, separate rooms, air conditioning facilitate the different rooms, etc.

In addition to the functions, the material usually also change. While we can choose them the material that we like, we must keep in mind that depending on the function, there are materials that offer better features for a particular purpose.

As an example we can say that as the outer door must provide the highest possible security against theft, resisting climate change, isolate thermally and acoustically, the material chosen must work with these functions, so that wood, metals and PVC materials are generally suitable for these cases.

In contrast, interior doors, they generally tend to be wood, as this material provides a warm and welcoming home environment. In addition, wood allows a type of decoration according to each house.

Some types of doors are:

Swing : These are one or two leaves and its opening angle is at least 90 degrees.

Oscilobatientes : These types of doors have a mechanism allows the opening in both directions, ranging in both directions.

Sliders : At some point we have spoken particularly of them . Whose leaves are the doors slide, having the peculiarity that can have one or two leaves; curved or semicircular shape. They are ideal to save space.

Rotating : These are rare in homes. Usually we found in shopping malls, banks or large shops. Have a fixed circular or semicircular with inner leaves that normally move in the opposite direction to clockwise manually or automated external structure. Garrage door hardware kits

Telescoping s: These are lateral systems with multiple sheets which can slide to occupy only the size of a sheet.

Folding : In the case of folding, opening mechanism is folding leaves, small and generally zigzag.

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