I love you quotes


Never compromise yourself on less then you deserve. You should rather be single then this sort of relationship.

Well the fear of being hurt in a relationship makes you stay single sometimes.

I can not make sure that being single will keep your really happy but i can guarantee that it will keep you far from all the pain.

I would love to be single on a valentine’s day.

I would love to experience being single on a valentine’s day.

When i say i am single, it does not mean that i do not love anyone. Rather i love my freedom.

Do you know the perks of being single? You just don’t have to spend your money on any body else.

Being single makes you richer. Love quotes for him Try it sometimes.

I like you, but i like money more so i would rather be single.

Being single is necessary for a healthy life.

It is a thousand times better to be single and find your true self than being in a relation and loosing yourself.

I love being single and then i hate being single. I love it because i can do whatever i want and i hate it because there is no one to tell me to stop doing it and i would still do it.

Not all the persons being single are drowning in loneliness and not all the persons who are in a relationship are happy. It is just a matter of choice.

If you are single it does not mean that life is not fair to you. It means that you are lucky that you have not tasted those flirts and heartbreaks. You will directly find the love of your life.

I am single and i am in love with my food only. There is no more loyal love than the love of food.

Other say that they love it when their boyfriends says “I love you”
I say i love it when my microwave says “common food is ready”.


If you are single, don’t be sad. God is watching over you and he is planning to save you for someone special.

Everyone of my friends have their boyfriends or girlfriends and i am just like “I am still in love with my food and i can not betray him”.

Being single does not mean that i am available also. I just want to enjoy my time alone.

My heart is so damaged by all the lies, betrayals and heartbreaks that i just want to go to some place quiet and take care of my self. I want to drown in loneliness and find myself again.

Have some confidence, you will definitely find a girl who has the same mentality and mindset as you have.

Common stop waiting for your prince. Get up and find him yourself. That poor thing must be stuck in somewhere.

These are all “being single” quotes in the world i bet.


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