12 mins ago

    Miss Manners: How do I keep my kids in line when the adults behave like this?

    DEAR MISS MANNERS: We host my husband’s sister and her husband for dinner at least once a week. Both of…
    27 mins ago

    Lakers rookie Max Christie says he’ll learn from blunder late in loss to Kings

    Max Christie found himself in an inevitable position, the Lakers rookie just trying to make the right play — and…
    29 mins ago

    Intel reports massive quarterly loss as PC demand continues to wane

    In brief: Intel finished 2022 on wobbly legs but is steadfast in its belief that greener pastures are looming. Intel…
    35 mins ago

    ‘Big tech’ wins again on Wall Street on optimism about inflation

    Before the market opened, the Federal Reserve’s preferred measure of inflation came out. It decreased in December compared to the…
    43 mins ago

    Dear Abby: Did they really expect me to touch a sweaty bicyclist?

    DEAR ABBY: What’s the best way to decline handshakes? In social settings, I often find myself ready to dine, hands…



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