83-year-old kidney donor wins Ontario lottery

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83-year-old kidney donor wins Ontario lottery

Jenny Goldsberry

November 23, 09:38 PM November 23, 09:38 PM

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The woman who won the LOTTO MAX prize of $60 million in Ontario, Canada, was revealed as kidney donor Vera Page.

Page, 83, reportedly made an effort to buy a lottery ticket during her weekly visit to the grocery store. She had played for 40 years, so when her retirement home rescheduled the routine trip, she went to the store by herself to buy the ticket that would make her a multimillionaire.

Nearly 40 years ago, Page “didn’t hesitate to donate her kidney that saved her sister’s life,” according to her son Trevor. Page is the eldest of 11 children.


Her first purchase will be for new hearing aids.

“I want to purchase a piece of land along the Ottawa River and build a new double-family house for myself and my son’s family. I have always wanted to experience an Alaskan cruise and am planning for that trip. The winters in eastern Ontario are cold, so I would like to spend them in a warmer climate. But the summers are wonderful, so I want to get a big boat that many people can sleep on and tour the Ottawa River,” Page said. “Most importantly, I will share my winnings with my family. I want to take care of their futures.”

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has provided roughly $55 billion to the province since 1975.

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