A former British police officer sentenced to life imprisonment for the rape of dozens of women

The Justice of the United Kingdom has sentenced this Tuesday to life imprisonment the former agent of the London Metropolitan Police David Carrick after being found guilty of carrying out dozens of rapes while he was an agent, a job he has held until mid-January.

The 48-year-old man has been convicted of using his position as a police officer to carry out a “terror campaign” against women for 17 years. Thus, a judge has indicated that he will have to remain at least 32 years imprisoned before release can even be considered.

The judge Cheema Grubb He has pointed out that the defendant behaved for decades “as if he were untouchable.” “For years you were shown to be right,” he lamented before speaking of a “monstrous abuse of power” on his part, which gave him “exceptional control” power. In addition, he has accused him of “betraying his oath to protect the population.”

At least 12 victims

Carrick had pleaded guilty in connection with 85 crimes including sexual assault and rape, among others. In total, it is estimated that she attacked 12 women between 2003 and 2020 when she worked as a police officer, according to information from the newspaper ‘The VFAB’.

The Police Force has now indicated that “it should never have been an agent” given the complaints filed by women, although it “failed to understand the danger it posed” for them.

The case has led the British Prime Minister himself, Rishi Sunak, to promise reforms to prevent a repeat. Together with the head of Scotland Yard, Mark Rowley, Sunak has promised to take measures to prevent “absolutely despicable” cases like Carrick’s from happening again, as well as so that guys like him have “nowhere to hide.”

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In this sense, he has asked the Police to address the failures that have been committed to restore “trust among the public”, and especially among women and girls. “The abuse of power that we have seen is absolutely despicable and must be addressed immediately,” she stressed.

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