A ‘huge’ Marvel movie will be filmed in Downtown D.C. in June

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A ‘huge’ Marvel movie will be filmed in Downtown D.C. in June

Heather Hunter

March 18, 06:58 PM March 18, 06:58 PM

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Washington, D.C.’s Office Cable Television, Film, Music, and Entertainment said Thursday that residents will get to see the filming of a Marvel movie this summer.

The announcement of the upcoming film coming to our nation’s capital was made at Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Ninth Annual March Madness press conference and LaToya Foster, the newly appointed director of OCTFME, shared the news about the upcoming filming.


“D.C. is a major hub for film, television, and entertainment productions and we are just getting started,” Foster said.

“We have Marvel coming to Washington, D.C.,” she announced.

Foster added, “I can’t give you too much about that but let me tell you, we’re going to have a huge Marvel film taking place right in downtown that you won’t want to miss out on.”

When Foster displayed a slide of the upcoming projects coming to D.C., it noted that a “Marvel Feature Film” by Marvel Studios is being filmed in June this year.

The mayor’s office did not provide further information about the dates of the filming, actors or film plot for Marvel fans.

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