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Animal crossing is wonderful, but when will Freeway 17 be safer for individuals? Roadshow

Q: I strongly help an underpass for animals at Laurel Curve at Highway 17. But what changes will also be done to shield individuals?

Laurel Curve is the most unsafe portion of 17. I’ve lived in San Jose for above 40 yrs, appreciate the ocean and journey over 17 about after a week. You are unable to consider how lots of incidents I have found on that curve. 1 time there have been two at the exact time, just one on each side. A person automobile was fully turned over and experienced landed on its roof. That curve has bought to go.

Of course that whole freeway has to be current. I recognize that is most likely not achievable for its total length. But how about that segment? To me, get rid of the curve. 3 lanes on every aspect additionally shoulders, which would also assistance crisis personnel get to an accident more rapidly.

Robert Droege, San Jose

A: Laurel certainly is the most risky portion on a incredibly dangerous street. Fixes could be coming, but are numerous, numerous years off.

Caltrans is wanting at overpasses and underpasses at Laurel, Old Santa Cruz Freeway, Sugarloaf Highway, Glenwood Cutoff and Vine Hill Road. Frontage roads would, with any luck ,, offer safer obtain to 17, and decrease hazardous left turns.

The most important result in of delays on the Freeway 17 corridor is visitors incidents, rather than recurrent congestion. The corridor’s curves, inadequate superelevation (the banking of a curved road so motorists can securely make it as a result of the curve at affordable speeds), dips and steep grades add to accident rates.

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Plus alongside some of the mountainous parts of Highway 17, existing lane width is 11.5 feet, while the recent conventional for essential lane width is 11.8 ft. Mishaps, stalls and breakdowns in segments with out shoulders or pullouts immediately generate prolonged queues and subsequent slowdowns that past very long later on.

Q: The other working day I noticed a California passenger vehicle plate setting up with 8Y on a new Mustang. That is the highest range that I have observed so considerably. Have any of your readers witnessed a 8Z nevertheless or possibly even a 9A?

Dennis Cole, San Martin

A: You will before long. The 8 collection plates were launched in 2017 and depletion is estimated this calendar year, at which time the 9 sequence will appear on motor vehicles. The 9 sequence will get about 4½ yrs to go statewide and can be impacted by wherever plates are transported, the economic system, as properly as new vehicle revenue.

Q: I really don’t will need any stinking victim restoration for spam phone calls about bogus auto warranties,  I need these damn calls to end. I’m on the “Do Not Call” registry and that does no great. The registry needs to be re-instituted with *Enamel*.

Bruce Korb

A: Long and sharp tooth.

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