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Annie, 50 percent of UC Berkeley’s beloved peregrine falcon pair, is lacking

Annie, the female half of a peregrine falcon pair that has nested atop UC Berkeley’s Campanile, has not been noticed for more than a week, and experts imagine she is lifeless.

The Cal Falcons, a group of volunteers and college chicken industry experts, say her long absence from the nest in the course of mating period is a powerful indicator she has been wounded or killed, or that she has deserted her territory.

“It’s extremely complicated to say goodbye to Annie,” the group posted on Fb. “She was a fantastic mother and elevated 13 chicks in 5 broods. We are heartened, although, that there are currently new falcons exploring the Campanile, a testament to how effectively they’ve recovered from the brink of extinction. We are likely to skip Annie immensely, but we are so grateful for the 5 many years we received to devote with her and her chicks.”

Annie and her mate, Grinnell, very first appeared on the tower in late 2015, now a mated pair. They proven their very first nest in 2016, and each and every yr Annie has laid eggs and lifted their brood — 14 chicks, whilst just one died young, understanding to fly.

Grinell, a person of two peregrine falcons dwelling on the best of the Campanile tower at UC Berkeley, staying examined at Lindsay Wildlife Practical experience. The falcon was hurt by a different falcon in what is considered to be a turf war. (Courtesy of Dr. Krystal Woo/Lindsay Wildlife Practical experience) Courtesy of Dr. Krystal Woo/Lindsay Wildlife Knowledge

In late October, the many fans of the falcons received a main scare when Grinnell was observed on campus, hurt in a dispute over territory. He was taken to Lindsay Wildlife in Walnut Creek for treatment, and whilst he recovered from injuries acquired in what is assumed to be a fierce battle with one more male peregrine, Annie had no concept that Grinnell experienced survived.

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The interloper commenced courting Annie, who seemed somewhat eager to move on, but when Grinnell was healed and returned to the region, Annie selected him and the new falcon left. On New Year’s Day, a camera skilled on the best of the tower and the pair’s nesting place captured a mating session amongst the two.

Annie typically lays her eggs in early March, so it’s unlikely she would willingly depart the nest at this time. It is also unusual for grownup peregrine falcons that have set up a effective nesting site to abandon it and glimpse for yet another.

The tower has 3 falcon cams that are getting made use of to monitor exercise, and volunteers have searched for her numerous several hours each and every working day because past week. They also have alerted wildlife rehabilitation hospitals during the Bay Location to be on the lookout for her, despite the fact that none have described obtaining an hurt falcon. Annie, who is thought to be about 8 several years aged, is not banded.

Peregrine falcons are intense hunters, traveling at remarkable speeds in pursuit of their prey. It is not abnormal for them to be hurt or killed flying into home windows and buildings when looking in urban parts.

A few feminine peregrines — two adults and one particular juvenile — experienced been observed traveling close to the tower numerous days in advance of Annie went lacking, although there had been no confrontations. Considering the fact that her disappearance, the birds have moved in nearer to the nesting area, an additional indicator that Annie isn’t in the location, as she would not have permitted the “floaters” to get that close to her nest.

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Grinnell seems to be knowledgeable that Annie is gone, also. Whilst he has not welcomed any of the girls, he has not driven them away, both, and has been what observers describe as “cautious” towards them. He has revealed some curiosity, nonetheless, in the young fowl.

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