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Another out of control crash on Hicks Avenue: Roadshow

Q: I live on Dry Creek Road in San Jose, about a half-block west of Hicks Avenue. I read with interest a recent letter to you from someone concerned with cars speeding on Hicks and hitting parked cars. I agree that we need to balance safety of property with the need for the fire engines from Station 6 to get down Hicks quickly.

On one recent evening, for about the third time in about ten years, someone going southbound hit and damaged the power pole on the southwest corner of Hicks and Dry Creek. Hicks jogs about ten feet to the east at that point, so someone speeding south on Hicks and not paying attention ends up colliding with the pole.

We call it the sobriety checkpoint.

Maureen Searing, San Jose

A: This is a sobering situation. You’ve provided fair warning about one of extra hazards drivers face if they speed (or more) on Hicks Avenue.

Story on FasTrak tickets struck a chord with readers

I was surprised by the number of readers who, in response to Eliyahu Kamisher’s recent story about the high cost to drivers of ignoring FasTrak tickets, had little sympathy for the drivers’ plight. Here is a sample of comments:

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