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Ask Amy: Our wedding photos revealed the scene I had missed

Dear Amy: Thank you for the comic relief with all of the questions about brides forcing wedding guests to dress a specific way.

Almost 59 years ago, I walked down the aisle to start a life with my hubby. We were in our late teens.

Naysayers thought we were doomed from the start. Even my parents disagreed with my choice to marry. I paid for my own modest church wedding.

Afterward, as I looked at the amateur pictures, I caught a glimpse of the pastor’s wife in hair curlers.

She thought there would be a need for a witness at this “teen marriage.” (The church was full.)

We’re still married, and I still smile at that memory.

My advice is for guests to “come as you are,” and to be supportive.

A Sweet Home Bride

Dear Bride: These goofy questions would be flat-out funny, if they weren’t so oppressively sad.

Dear Amy: My husband and I have been married for 10 years. We each have two grown children from previous marriages.

My children love and accept my husband as family. My husband’s children have never accepted me.

I met their father years after their parents divorced, so I was in no way a cause of their break-up.

An example of their behavior toward me is when they visit for Christmas each year: They bring their father a gift and wish him a merry Christmas, while they completely ignore me.

I am left sitting there in disbelief.

I’ve spoken to my husband about my feelings, but it doesn’t really help. He says his family is dysfunctional.

What should I do?

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Simply Hurt

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