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Ask Amy: What I heard from my neighbor’s home could be a danger sign

Dear Amy: I live on the second floor of a duplex. My downstairs neighbor is a friendly lady probably in her 60s; like me, she lives alone with pets.

In recent weeks, some changes in my habits and schedule have put me in the room above her bedroom some late evenings, and I have discovered that she snores. Quite loudly.

I’m not really concerned about the noise, because I can’t hear her snoring from my own bedroom, but I know that snoring can be an indicator of some health issues — and living alone, there’s a good chance she doesn’t know that she snores.

Should I bring it up? And if so, how?

I don’t want her to interpret it as a noise complaint. (We usually send one another texts about minor house-related issues, so that is the default medium here.)

Upstairs Neighbor

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