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Bridge: Feb. 25, 2022

A “free finesse” is like a free sample. We might not need it, but if it’s free of charge, we can not resist it.

Today’s West judged that South was properly stocked in the minimal satisfies, so West led a passive coronary heart from 3NT. Pleased with the no cost finesse, declarer set up dummy’s queen. East diagnosed the lead and played lower.

South then led a 2nd coronary heart to his jack. He subsequent led the 10 of spades, but West signaled “count” with the eight, and East let the 10 hold. He won the up coming spade and led a diamond.

Eight Tricks

South took the A-K and exited with the jack, close-taking part in West to guide a club from his king, but South still gained only eight methods: three hearts, a spade, two diamonds and two golf equipment.

The “free finesse” was high priced right after dummy gained the to start with coronary heart, 3NT was unmakeable. South will have to in its place engage in low from dummy and get the ace. He loses to the ace of spades, wins East’s diamond shift and prospects his three of hearts to the ten. He can reach dummy’s superior spades and end with nine tricks.

Everyday Issue

You maintain: S 10 5 H A J 3 D A K J 6 C A Q 8 7. The seller, at your correct, opens one particular spade. You double, and your partner bids two hearts. What do you say?

Response: While husband or wife has promised no power, you have ample additional for your double to make a transfer toward recreation. To elevate to a few hearts with a few-card assist is feasible but dangerous. You could possibly try a cue bid of two spades. If companion has any values, you hope he will make an encouraging phone.

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South vendor

N-S susceptible


S K Q J 9 3

H Q 10 7 4

D 5 4

C 6 4


S 8 4

H 6 2

D Q 10 7 2

C K J 9 3 2


S A 7 6 2

H K 9 8 5

D 9 8 3

C 10 5


S 10 5

H A J 3

D A K J 6

C A Q 8 7

South West North East
1 C Pass 1 S Go
2 NT Go 3 H Go
3 NT All Move

Opening direct — H 6

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