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Bridge: Feb. 26, 2022

“Simple Saturday” columns target on simple strategy and reasonable wondering.

A fantastic declarer imitates a postage stamp — not by obtaining more pricey but by sticking to a single factor till he gets exactly where he’s likely. He sorts a prepare and sticks with it.

At today’s slam, South refused the very first spade (an error), received the upcoming and ruffed his last spade in dummy. South then puzzled which insignificant-accommodate finesse to consider for a 12th trick. He needn’t have apprehensive: Each kings ended up offside. Down one.


South had no prepare. If he’d regarded about the approach of match establishment, he would have tried to established up dummy’s golf equipment. South requires the ace of clubs at Trick Two, ruffs a club substantial, qualified prospects a trump to dummy and ruffs a club high.

When East-West observe, South sales opportunities a trump to dummy and ruffs a club. He concedes a spade, wins East’s diamond shift with the ace, ruffs his final spade in dummy and discards the queen of diamonds on the good club. If the golf equipment broke badly, South could finesse in diamonds.

Day-to-day Problem

You hold: S J 2 H A K 2 D 8 6 3 C A Q 10 4 3.

Equally sides susceptible. The supplier, at your proper, opens a single diamond. What do you say?

Response: If you overcall at the two level with a damaged go well with and a bunch of losers, you may be doubled for a telephone-amount penalty. Still, passing may possibly miss activity, and a two-club overcall of a one particular-diamond opening has obstructive and lead-directing price. I would pass, but I definitely would not criticize two clubs.

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North vendor

N-S vulnerable


S J 2

H A K 2

D 8 6 3

C A Q 10 4 3


S Q 10 9 8 3

H 5

D K J 5 2

C 7 5 2


S K 7 6

H 7 4

D 10 9 7 4

C K J 9 8


S A 5 4

H Q J 10 9 8 6 3


C 6

North East South West
1 C Pass 1 H Pass
2 H Pass 4 NT Move
5 H Pass 6 H All Go

Opening guide — S 10

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