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Bridge: Feb. 28, 2022

Most confront-to-confront tournaments in 2021 have been canceled, like two North American Championships. But in December, the ACBL staged the “Fall Nationals” in Austin, masks and vaccination required. Attendance was 5256 tables, over expectations.

The Soloway Knockout Groups, the major occasion, went to a crew captained by Warren Spector (Bathurst, Demuy, Hurd, Kranyak, Wolpert). In the remaining they overwhelmed a multinational squad led by Antonio Palma.

It amazes me when gurus go versus standard wisdom. When SPECTOR’s North-South acquired to 4 hearts in today’s offer, East eyed his stout trumps and doubled.


The double figured to crack even so warned, South may preserve a trick in the enjoy. Positive more than enough, he started the trumps by primary dummy’s jack, held his trump losers to one particular and was moreover 790.

PALMA’s North-South arrived at 4 hearts, but East refrained from doubling. Unwarned, South went down, and SPECTOR received 13 IMPs. Don’t double if you will support declarer’s participate in.

Everyday Problem

You keep: S K 10 7 H A Q 8 7 3 D A Q 8 4 C 7.

Your spouse opens one particular spade, you react two hearts and he rebids two spades. What do you say?

Respond to: You may possibly have a slam if lover has practical cards such as the ace of clubs (but not the K-Q), king of hearts and good trumps. Bid 3 diamonds and guidance the spades future. You will imply slam fascination and club shortness. Enable partner choose whether he has the ideal playing cards for slam.

North supplier

Equally sides susceptible


S Q J 2

H J 6 5 2

D 9 6

C K Q 10 3


S A 8 6

H None

D 10 7 2

C A 9 8 6 5 4 2


S 9 5 4 3

H K 10 9 4

D K J 5 3



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S K 10 7

H A Q 8 7 3

D A Q 8 4

C 7

North East South West
Pass Go 1 H 2 C
2 NT Move 4 H Go
Go Dbl All Go

Opening direct — C A

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