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Bridge: March 5, 2022

Jim Krekorian drew easy inferences in today’s offer at the ACBL Fall Championships.

The bidding was weird. West’s double was destructive most players would have bid one spade. North’s two-diamond cue bid was described as a “constructive” increase the hand appears to be like weak for that call. East’s 2NT conventionally confirmed a least hand with long diamonds.

In opposition to 4 hearts, West led the 10 of diamonds, and Krekorian gained and returned a diamond. East won and led a trump, and when declarer played the king, West huddled and took the ace.

Bad Protection

That was weak protection if West experienced ducked easily, declarer might have misplaced the cards. In addition, West had stop-played himself: He led a club: 4, 9, 10.

Krekorian up coming took the queen of trumps, reasoning that West would not have hesitated to just take the ace with A-x. He future led golf equipment. When West ruffed, he experienced to direct a spade. Putting East with the king for his opening bid, Krekorian performed small from dummy and created his activity.

Day by day Concern

You maintain: S A 10 H K Q 10 9 2 D A 2 C K 10 6 5.

Your partner opens one diamond, you reply one particular heart and he raises to two hearts. What do you say?

Remedy: You surely have a sport and might have a slam if husband or wife retains a appropriate hand. To leap to six hearts (or use Blackwood on the way) would be defensible. Husband or wife may hold 4 3, A 8 5 3, K Q 10 6 5, A 3. If you want to go slow, bid three golf equipment and see if he makes an encouraging go.

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East seller

Both equally sides susceptible


S Q 8 3 2

H 8 6 4

D 9 4

C A J 7 4


S J 9 6 5 4

H A J 3

D 10 3

C 8 3 2


S K 7

H 7 5

D K Q J 8 7 6 5

C Q 9


S A 10

H K Q 10 9 2

D A 2

C K 10 6 5

East South West North
1 D 1 H Dbl 2 D
2 NT 4 H All Pass

Opening lead — D 10

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