‘Correct’: Musk agrees with Dinesh D’Souza about ‘one-way’ Twitter censorship

Dinesh D’Souza (left) and Elon Musk. (AP Photos)

‘Correct’: Musk agrees with Dinesh D’Souza about ‘one-way’ Twitter censorship

Heather Hamilton

November 23, 08:35 AM November 23, 08:35 AM

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Twitter CEO Elon Musk said he agreed with Dinesh D’Souza regarding the social media platform’s history of targeting conservatives.

“We don’t hear much about Democrats and leftists being let back on Twitter. Why? Because they were never kicked off in the first place,” D’Souza tweeted, tagging Musk. “Their lies and misinformation simply escaped all scrutiny. Censorship has been deployed as a one-way operation against conservatives.”


Musk replied in agreement with the conservative filmmaker and author’s tweet: “Correct.”

As the new Twitter CEO, Musk moved to reinstate former President Donald Trump’s banned account over the weekend, following a poll that showed nearly 52% of users thought he should be reinstated.

Popular conservative accounts belonging to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), the Babylon Bee, and Defiant Ls were among those suspended.

“It is shocking how many journalists viscously attack free speech, but somehow think they’re the good guys!” Musk also tweeted.

Conservative news commentator Kyle Becker took note of Musk’s comments and tweeted: “Imagine if @ElonMusk were actually the right-wing bogeyman these spoiled lefty journos pretend he is and he decided to turn the tables and ban all left-wing ‘fake news’ from @Twitter. There’d be nothing left for them to publish!”

Musk replied with support.

“As is obvious to all but the media, there is not one permanent ban on even the most far left account spouting utter lie,” Musk wrote and then added, “Not even Associated Press with their completely fictional report on Russian missiles hitting Poland that carried severe consequences for escalating the war.”

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Earlier this month, Musk took to Twitter to encourage voters to support Republicans, “given that the Presidency is Democratic.” He noted that he was not a registered Republican and had voted for Democrats in the past.

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