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Dear Abby: I want to have my arm minimize off. What do I convey to my family members?

Dear ABBY: For most of my everyday living, I have felt uncomfortable in my individual physique. It seemed as even though my appropriate arm belonged to another person else.

I have made the decision to have it amputated, and I’m striving to locate the finest way to tell my household.

I’d take pleasure in any suggestions you may have.

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Dear Misplaced: There’s a name for people feelings you have had for so lengthy. It’s termed “body integrity identity disorder.”

Before striving to demonstrate your motivation for amputation to your spouse and children, please talk about this with a accredited psychotherapist who may possibly be in a position to aid you figure out if you certainly want to comply with through with your intention. With psychiatric aid, you might be in a position to integrate your “alien limb” into your entire body picture.

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