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Dear Abby: Since I was 15 I’ve dreamed of being a hermit. Is that weird?

DEAR ABBY: When I was 15, I was fortunate to trail-ride up a mountain with people familiar with the area. We stopped at a homestead to say hello to a man who had lived secluded there for 25 years. That’s when I first thought, “I want to be a hermit someday.”

Twenty-five years ago, I bought some acreage. I spent years hand-clearing and putting in infrastructure, and eventually my husband and I built a small home and studios. We love living in this private space.

My question has to do with the common belief that people need people. After 50 years of being a community-involved person, a shopkeeper in a service business and an event organizer, I’m now happily retired. I love my privacy. I don’t need to go anywhere or see almost anyone (aside from family).

I will help when asked, rise to the occasion, cheer on, but — is it OK to love being a hermit?

My huge network of friends seems to accept it. Occasionally, rarely, someone may stop by, and I make coffee.

I could live this way as long as I live. I finally have my dream. But is it too weird?


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