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Dear Abby: They were a happy young couple until the unthinkable happened

DEAR ABBY: My daughter “Claudia” has been dating and living with “Justin” — the boy next door. They moved to Florida months back and loved each day together.

Then, the unthinkable happened. Justin’s father was diagnosed with a rare disease and died two weeks later. His last words to Justin were, “Take care of your mom.”

Justin and Claudia immediately returned to New York. Each day has been a nightmare with his mom. She ignores Claudia and talks only to her son. Justin is 25 and hasn’t lived at home for years. When she calls, she yells at him and he goes running to her. She no longer talks to us, although we had a nice relationship when her husband was alive.

Justin loves his mom, but he’s torn. What can my daughter do? Justin ignores how she’s being treated and the tears it has caused.

It breaks my heart. We love and adore him. Please help.


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