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Dear Abby: This honeymoon surprise seems way out of line to me

DEAR ABBY: My wife and I have assisted a local youngster who was abandoned at birth and bounced through foster care. We helped him finish college and start his first job.

“Samuel” has become engaged to an attractive, professional woman my wife and I both like. However, he just told us she insists upon bringing her parents on the honeymoon. Her parents feel strongly that they should go, even to the extent of arguing with Samuel about it.

I have never heard of anything like this. His fiancee is 28 years old. I’m very wary about it. What advice would you give him?


DEAR CROWDED: Unless Samuel and his fiancee have been living together for a long time and he’s very close to her family, the advice I would give him would be to have plenty of premarital counseling before he marches down the aisle.

There’s likely more than one issue that should be ironed out before any vows are exchanged, and it would help to avert disagreements that could cause problems after the wedding.

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