DeSantis says, ‘I don’t even have Twitter myself’

FILE – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks during a fundraising picnic for Rep. Randy Feenstra, R-Iowa, May 13, 2023, in Sioux Center, Iowa. DeSantis will announce his 2024 presidential campaign in a Twitter Spaces event with Elon Musk on Wednesday, May 24. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall, File) Charlie Neibergall/AP

DeSantis says, ‘I don’t even have Twitter myself’

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Following his use of Twitter to launch his 2024 campaign, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) revealed he doesn’t know much about how the platform works.

“I had never done this Twitter Spaces before. I don’t even have Twitter myself,” DeSantis told conservative radio host Erick Erickson. “The accounts we do are managed by our folks. And so I wasn’t really sure how it worked.”


DeSantis announced his campaign in a video posted to Twitter, followed by an interview in Twitter Spaces, an audio clubhouse system, featuring a discussion with CEO Elon Musk and entrepreneur David Sacks.

Technical glitches and crashes dogged the campaign rollout, prompting mockery and derision from his rivals, such as former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden. DeSantis was forced to enter a second Twitter Spaces forum with a smaller audience to get his debut back on track.

“Twitter was talking about how, ‘Yeah, we’ve got it all locked. Everything’s ready.’ They tested everything, but they just had so many people that swarmed it — that it basically melted the system. And so they were able to get that worked out,” DeSantis recalled of the glitch-prone outing.

His campaign boasted Thursday that the video announcement and Twitter Spaces event amassed over 30 million views within the first 15 hours.

Some analysts were befuddled by the decision to forgo a traditional campaign launch, but DeSantis contended it was an “interesting opportunity” and noted that “there’ll be times to do a lot of those speeches” that are associated with traditional campaigns.

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“We felt that there would be a lot of buzz about it,” DeSantis added. “I think that was probably the biggest story in the world yesterday. And so, hopefully, we’ll get some people interested in our campaign who may not have been otherwise.”

DeSantis is set to kick his 2024 campaign into gear next week with a 12-city swing across three states, starting with Iowa on Tuesday.

The Florida governor is widely regarded as the chief GOP threat to Trump.

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