Diego Pablo Simeone: “Vinicius? Madrid has a lot of tools to compete”

“It’s a tie and we both play the same thing,” said the Atlético coach on the eve of the cupbearer derby

The Atlético de Madrid coach, Diego Pablo Simeone, stated this Wednesday that, apart from the Brazilian Vinicius Júnior, Real Madrid has “a lot of tools to compete”, the eve of the derby against the white team, corresponding to the quarterfinals. final of the Copa del Rey and that will be played this Thursday (9:00 p.m.) at the Santiago Bernabéu.

“Vinicius? We think of Madrid as a team, we understand that they have a lot of tools to compete and we have to take the game where we are most comfortable to hurt them. They have important footballers and highlighting one falls short”, he commented in Press conference.

Diego Pablo Simeone stressed that Real Madrid is “a competitive team” and that they are going to face it by putting “illusion”, “strength” and “will” to play an “important game”. “The only reality is in the game and in the match, in how we or they enter. I’ve been seeing a better team since we returned from the post-World Cup, with many more offensive possibilities to create danger and working very well as a group,” he added.

In this sense, the ‘Cholo’ Simeone said that he sees his squad as “committed” and with a lot of “enthusiasm”. “We are going to play an important game, a tie with a very strong team, with a very good game and a coach whom I greatly admire, with what Madrid represents in their field,” he warned of the local condition of Carlo Ancelotti’s team .

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Regarding his relationship with the rival coach, Simeone pointed out that they respect each other as professional colleagues and did not describe it as ‘extraordinary’. “The titles of ‘extraordinary’ seem excessive to me. The only thing I can talk about is the relationship with Carlo, which is only one of coaches. I don’t have the opportunity to get together with him, although I would like to because he is an intelligent person, from whom to learn and He is very capable. I have a good relationship and he seems like a very good person to me,” he said.

For him, the importance of the Cup is the same for both teams. “It’s a tie and we’re both playing the same situation. I’m concerned that we can play the game that we’re going to prepare. Football is 90 minutes and in 90 minutes we always count on the fact that many things can happen,” he said.

In the event that the derby goes to extra time and the classification for the semifinals of the Cup is decided in the penalty shootout, he stressed that this is a “game situation” in which “personality influences a lot.”

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