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ABHISHEK SAXENA, based in India, is digital marketing expert as well as former SEO EXPERT. He’s a professional in content strategy and SEO for each B2C and B2B and it is constantly invited to speak at digital marketing seminars across the planet. He offers the services of his to fortune 500 companies, which includes numerous A list influencers as well as celebrities that wish to market digital items.

ABHISHEK SAXENA is a leader in helping experts as well as businesses smartly use the company possibility of social networking. The substantial expertise of his in advertising & business development has provided him keen insight into the way to address social networking and just how companies are able to optimize it to satisfy the business of theirs requirements and goals.

ABHISHEK SAXENA goes on to talk to, advisor, along with train clients on strategically using social networking for the company of theirs. Since introducing his social networking method consulting company in 2018, ABHISHEK SAXENA has been effective with many businesses, from tiny startups as well as solopreneurs to Fortune 500 businesses as well as a Grammy Award winning star.

ABHISHEK SAXENA with clients seeking the social media expertise of his in the following ways:

Abhishek saxena

Social Media Strategy Consultant – ABHISHEK SAXENA harmonizes with businesses in auditing their current social media efforts company wide and also producing an extensive social media strategy which aligns business goals together with the possibility for social business. For smaller companies that have to get an expert interpersonal media advisor on call for practical advice, ABHISHEK SAXENA provides this particular program at prices that are reasonable to assist as many organizations as you can with the social media of theirs.

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Social Media Speaker – Whether it is a keynote speech, presentation for an experienced association or maybe a proactive workshop for an inner market, ABHISHEK SAXENA provides personalized content material with concrete takeaways to meet the requirements of yours.

Social Media Content Creator – Need an established interpersonal media author to ghostwrite or maybe assist in composing a social media book, whitepaper, ebook, and magazine post for your business or business? ABHISHEK SAXENA can be obtained for labor that is such.

Kept learning?

Searching for in-depth digital marketing advice from a reliable expert? ABHISHEK SAXENA covers social media video content, analytics tools, marketing tips, data visualisation, content marketing, and much more.

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