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Draymond Green recorded, but did not publish podcast after Jordan Poole punch

Draymond Green re-booted his podcast and dropped a bomb about the aftermath of his altercation with Jordan Poole.

After news broke that Green had punched Poole during practice on Oct. 5 and video of the punch was subsequently leaked, Green recorded a podcast to tell his side of the story. Ultimately, he decided not to publish the podcast.

“I know everyone was looking for it and everyone wanted to hear it,” Green said on the latest episode of the Draymond Green Show. “Quite frankly, I wanted to allow you to hear what I had to say. I wanted to allow you a chance to kinda take a trip in my mind and just maybe understand more. When we recorded the episode, I hated the way I sounded. So we simply just didn’t release it.”

The latest episode ended Green’s two-and-a-half month hiatus from his podcast. He posted two pre-recorded interviews with Patrick Beverley on Oct. 7 and De’Aaron Fox on Oct. 21 and went dark until this Thursday. He had been posting an episode of his podcast somewhat regularly until the altercation.

Green stopped recording podcasts because of “contractual obligations,” he said. Ultimately he decided not to post an episode on the Poole punch because he didn’t like his “tone” and had second thoughts about the potential ramifications of whatever he said.

“I didn’t like my tone, I didn’t like the things I said, I didn’t like the way it came out,” Green said. “If you’re not careful, it almost comes off as unremorseful and distasteful. One hundred percent distasteful. But also fast. What do I mean by fast? Quite frankly, I’m not big into saying things or doing things, and then running to my show because it’s gonna get more ratings. I don’t really like that game. That’s the old media. I don’t play that game. I’m not very interested in that. I think there’s a time to speak. If the opportunity is there, I’m gonna speak. I’m never gonna shy away from a topic.”

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Green continued: “People were affected. It wasn’t just something that affected me. When you do something that affects someone else, you can’t just take yourself into consideration, how you may feel, how it may benefit you, all of those things. For me, I’m like, ‘OK, Jordan has to deal with this, other people have to deal with this.’ The last thing I need to be doing about it is talking about it like it’s all fine and dandy.”

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