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Expensive Abby: My husband’s mother questioned him to retain this solution from me

Expensive ABBY: My partner and I have been fortunately married for 23 several years and have two young children. Is it Alright for my mom-in-law to tell my partner a little something and need that he not explain to me?

The “secret” is: His sister, who has two children, is acquiring divorced.

We never see both of them generally, and there has under no circumstances been a time when we have been on poor conditions or gossiped about his spouse and children. His mom is just extremely secretive. I have no one to share that news with and, truthfully, I really don’t judge the circumstance.

My partner told me the information straight away, and was upset his mother questioned him not to explain to me. We do not feel it was suitable. We are a group. Do you concur?

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