Former Florida AG says all GOP candidates are vulnerable to Biden’s weaponization of IRS, FBI, DOJ

Former President Donald Trump (left), President Joe Biden (center), and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. (AP Photos)

Former Florida AG says all GOP candidates are vulnerable to Biden’s weaponization of IRS, FBI, DOJ

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May 26, 10:39 AM May 26, 10:39 AM

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Former Republican Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi warned all GOP candidates to expect the Biden administration to use the weaponization of federal agencies against them.

”We know they will. Remember what Donald Trump said, ‘They are not coming after me. They are coming after you, and I am standing in the way,’” Bondi told Hannity. “These people think they are above the law — the IRS, FBI, and Justice Department — because if they are working with the Biden administration, they think nothing can happen to them. They will come after all of our candidates, anyone who will cross them.”

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Bondi suggested that if a Republican president is elected, putting in a fearless new attorney general must be the first priority.

“It starts at the top with justice. You put in an attorney general who is not scared of anybody and will take out the people who are not honest,” Bondi said. “You move on to the FBI. Replace them, move those guys all over the country if you can’t fire them. Disarm them. Put the good street agents to work to do the job they were put there to do.”

“Then you continue on with the [Drug Enforcement Agency],” she continued. “Give them more resources to fight this international drug crisis. Homeland security — strengthen them, don’t cut them.”

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Bondi then suggested that the new Republican president should address border security.

“Build the wall and do everything that President Trump did in his first term and what Biden is not doing now to protect Americans,” Bondi noted. “That’s pretty easy on day one.”

Bondi’s warning and suggestions come as John Durham is slated to testify to the GOP-led House of Representatives, where he will speak about his special counsel investigation into the Trump-Russia investigators and will talk about his bombshell report that revealed the weaponization of federal agencies against Trump.

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