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Friday to offer quick break from Bay Area storms as region prepares for more high winds over the weekend

While more high-impact storms remained in forecasts for the weekend through next week, Friday was expected to give residents a quick but welcome reprieve from brutal winds and flooding.

The National Weather Service predicted that San Jose would see a mostly sunny day Friday, with a high of 61 degrees and winds capping out at 9 miles per hour. The agency gave a 30% chance for rain to fall after 4 p.m., but it would add up to no more than one-tenth of an inch.

The northernmost parts of the Bay Area were predicted to see a bit more stormy weather Friday, but much more subdue version compared to Wednesday and Thursday. Oakland and San Francisco were forecast with a high of 59 degrees and less than one-tenth of an inch of rain throughout the day. Winds were expected to be higher than their South Bay counterparts, with forecasts of 21 and 24 mph wind gusts, respectively.

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