Gang crime in Sweden: proxy war in Stockholm

According to the Swedish police, the warring gangs are fighting for control of the drug market. The followers of the “Kurdish fox” are said to have tried more than a year ago to gain influence in the northern region of Sundvall, where the gang of the “Greek” is based.

Since then, both sides have tried to carry out strikes against the leadership of the other. According to the police, the fact that the violence seems to never end is mainly due to the fact that the leaders are both abroad. The “Kurdish fox” – the main suspect is a 36-year-old Swede of Kurdish origin – is said to be in Turkey. Contrary to what the name suggests, the whereabouts of the allegedly only 24-year-old “Greek” are unknown. He is also said to have left Sweden.

Political dispute – also with Erdoğan

For Ulf Kristersson’s minority government, the gang wars are a welcome topic. His conservative “moderate party” relies on the votes of the far-right Sweden Democrats for legislation. Officials from both parties repeatedly point out that the majority of the criminals involved in the conflict have a migration background or even came to Sweden a few years ago.

One from the far-right opposition politician Rasmus Paludan The demonstration in front of the Turkish embassy in Stockholm sparked geopolitical tensions this week. Because Paludan burned a copy of the Koran as a provocation to Muslim migrants, the Turkish president threatened Recep Tayyip Erdogan to put a stop to Sweden’s forthcoming accession to NATO with his veto.

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