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Harriette Cole: The internet makes me anxious but my job won’t let me step away

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have become so used to having the internet at my fingertips that I sometimes find myself mindlessly scrolling social media for hours, regardless of how I’m feeling.

It’s a never-ending cycle: As soon as I put my phone down, I quickly pick it back up again. This has had an incredibly detrimental effect on my mental health, as it’s caused me to become more anxious and stressed-out.

Unfortunately, this same medium also happens to be my livelihood — the very thing that allows me to make a living and survive. How can I cope with being chronically online while maintaining my well-being?

Need a Break

DEAR NEED A BREAK: Here’s where you must engage discipline.

Obviously, you have to do your job. Design a schedule for your work. What time periods must you be online and using social media? Be specific and clear as you map out your day. Do your work, and then immediately disengage.

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