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How that infamous San Jose pothole is capable to defeat Caltrans: Roadshow

Q: In San Jose there is a reoccurring pothole in lane 4 on southbound Freeway 101 concerning Interstate 880 and the 13th Street exit. H2o is seeping up by the pavement and Caltrans does not feel to be in a position to resolve it. As autos travel around the h2o, it brings about a pothole to kind. The pothole is acquiring deep and requires to be mounted ahead of it brings about an incident.

This pothole has been set many situations over the many years. But for some explanation, even with Caltrans understanding there is a problem at that locale, this problem proceeds to take place. Why doesn’t Caltrans schedule mend of the pothole regular?

Kenneth Crook, San Jose

A: Oh, no! Lake 101 is again.

Originally, this extend of 101 was two lanes. 30 years ago, when the street was likely to be widened, Caltrans proposed elevating the freeway to reduce underground h2o from seeping through the street. This would have involved raising the overpass, as very well, to give sufficient space to elevate the highway, putting much more length involving the groundwater and the roadbed. But citizens in the location complained that sightlines to and from the close by Portuguese Catholic Church would be obstructed by the higher overpass.

Caltrans acquiesced to that outcry and stored the freeway at the present-day elevation, which meant the highway would periodically flood, and, as it turns out, also get potholes.

It bought so undesirable three yrs ago that drinking water protected just about the whole freeway in both instructions for some time.

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Q: Mr. Roadshow, this has to do with in no way leaving your automobile unattended or unlocked with the motor operating or keys remaining in ignition.

This weekend, a mother was unloading groceries from her car with a 2-yr aged asleep in the motor vehicle. The motor vehicle was taken with the kid on board. All finished properly, with the child discovered in the vehicle a handful of hrs later.

But remember to, take away your important cargo, your baby, asleep or not, before unloading groceries or whichever. You should do not give a thief an possibility like that!

Lynda Martinez, San Jose

A: You are so suitable.

Q: For the past a lot of months, the intersection of Primary Road and Santa Cruz Avenue in Los Gatos has been surrounded by vehicles and pedestrians, all ready their change to continue. A lot of the time, no one particular is crossing from any route. What is the trouble?

Dick Gaskill, Los Gatos

A: Los Gatos has prioritized this intersection for pedestrians through the daytime. This means that pedestrian stroll alerts appear on, even if no one pushes the button. This does consequence in lengthier wait times at this intersection. The payoff is larger security and convenience for pedestrians.

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