Iran will file a complaint with FIFA against the US for “disrespecting” its flag

A legal adviser to the Iran Football Federation has announced this Sunday that it will file a complaint with the FIFA ethics committee against the United States for removing the emblem of the Islamic republic in an image of the classification of the group in which both are located. countries during the World Cup in Qatar.

The removal of the emblem, as confirmed by a spokesman for the US federation to USA Today, was intentional and a gesture of “support for women in Iran who fight for basic Human Rights” in the context of the protests in Iran after the death in custody of the young Kurdish-Iranian Mahsa Amini on 16 September.

The spokesman for the American federation assures that this decision is punctual and “will restore the emblem in the future.”

According to opposition activists to the Iranian clergy, the Iranian security forces’ crackdown on these demonstrations — which authorities blame on US-linked “terrorist elements” — has left more than 400 dead across the country.

This is the case, and according to the semi-official Tasnim news agency, the legal advisor to the Iran Football Federation will present this complaint “after the US men’s soccer team disrespected the national flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

The agency specifies that “according to article 13 of the FIFA rules, any person who offends the dignity or integrity of a country, a person or a group of people will be penalized with a suspension of at least ten matches. “, for which the media recommends the expulsion of the US from the tournament.

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The soccer team has traditionally been an element of unity for Iranians, but in recent weeks it has been embroiled in all kinds of controversy. He has received criticism for his alleged gestures from players both for and against the regime.

On November 14, he posed with the president, Ebrahim Raisi, in what was understood as an alignment with the government at a time when thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest the death of Amini, arrested for wearing the wrong dress. veil, and claim social advances.

On Monday, however, the players avoided singing the anthem, which was interpreted as a gesture of criticism. Iranian state television, in fact, interrupted the broadcast to avoid showing it, given that even the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has publicly warned all athletes “not to disrespect” the country.

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