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Nuclear electrical power carries
its very own, unsolved risks

Heather Hoff will make a excellent argument for holding Diablo Canyon open (“Solar advocates must help Diablo Canyon,” Letters to the Editor, Web page A12, Feb. 20). The charge of electrical power made from an running nuclear plant is quite lower. It creates a close to-frequent total of energy all around the clock.

But nuclear vitality has a dirty minimal top secret. It provides one particular of the most fatal and hazardous substances on Earth: invested nuclear gasoline (SNF) that will very last pretty much for good. There is no way to make it secure, and it is remaining left at the reactor web sites together with Diablo Canyon. A single only has to appear at Fukushima or Chernobyl to realize what could go mistaken.

Stephen Waters

Viewers deserve much better
conservative writers

We do not want to examine Marc A. Theisen and Victor Davis Hanson: It isn’t just opposing, conservative views but that all those two lack gravitas. I made use of to examine William F Buckley and George Will delightedly since not only could they publish properly but they stood for true conservative concepts and had been not Trump acolytes. As George Will after wrote, “Buckley stands athwart U.S. Heritage. … Bill’s exclusive voice permeated, and improved, an era. It will be forgotten by no just one who had the delight of listening to it.”

And concerning “Mallard Fillmore,” I do the “duck fold.” On opening the comedian portion, I fold down below “For Superior or Worse” and “Doonesbury Classics.” Finishing the major, I speedily fold around previously mentioned “Sally Forth” and “Rhymes with Orange,” so I really don’t even see the rubbish spewed by Bruce Tinsley in “Mallard Fillmore.”

Obtain us much better conservative writers.

Gerald Lee

Lifting mask mandates
is very long overdue

Re. “Keep masks on in colleges, indoor spaces,” Page A6, Feb. 16:

Opposition to the lifting of mask mandates is misplaced. The time for lifting the mask mandates is way overdue. If 1 is even now worried, just make sure you are vaccinated, put on an N95, and preserve your length, and it will be rather unlikely that you will be infected.

Most people today in this nation are tired of carrying masks therefore states like New York and California are supplying in to the hue and cry and lifting their mask mandates. At this place, demanding the the vast majority of citizens to dress in masks is like the tail is wagging the pet dog. Let independence and science prevail.

Douglas Abbott
Union Metropolis

Putting on the ‘woke’ label
as a badge of honor

I’m remaining referred to as “woke.” Thank you, it is a compliment.

Remaining woke implies remaining informed and knowledge one’s environment and scenarios. And being able to act efficiently. The opposite of woke is “unwoke,” or more succinctly, asleep. And we all know what asleep signifies. Thank you again for the compliment.

George Badger

As local weather warms,
state leaders ought to act

Re. “With snowpack down, Newsom desires to stage up,” Web page A6, Feb. 2:

It would seem that no make a difference how evident it is that local weather improve is taking place, also lots of people today still conclude that climate improve is not an urgent dilemma.

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