Letters to Sports: Chargers once again find a way to lose

Seeing the Chargers blow another meaningful game is like watching the movie “Groundhog Day.” Same old Chargers. Again, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Richard D. Muir
San Marcos

Brandon Staley does not understand that one of the most important jobs of a head coach is to respond to game conditions by making on-the-field adjustments. How else to explain the fact that opponents regularly, and dramatically, outperform the Chargers in the second half? It doesn’t help that he spends each game singularly focused on game calling, entirely missing the big picture of the game flow.

Bill Bloomfield
Park City, Utah

When Brandon Staley was asked if he ever thought his job was in jeopardy, he bluntly answered, “No.” Wow! Staley is lucky he is employed by an owner who has no concept of winning.

John C. Borrego
Safety Harbor, Fla.

Staley needs to go. He inexplicably plays his starters three quarters in a meaningless game. He loses Mike Williams in the process. He loses more receivers during the playoff game and Justin Herbert finds he is running low on targets. Face it, some coaches are meant to be coordinators and not head coaches.

Russell Hosaka

Brandon Staley was the sole reason that the Chargers didn’t make the playoffs last year with his stupid playcalling. Brandon Staley is the sole reason Mike Williams didn’t play against Jacksonville. The Chargers had no deep threat in a one-point loss. He needs to be fired immediately. They cannot keep underachieving solely because of their coach.

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Mike Lorraine
Simi Valley

The Chargers lost another game primarily because of another questionable call by coach Staley. With a few minutes to go in the first half, the Chargers had the ball with third down and inches to go. The obvious call was a Herbert sneak (success rate of almost 100%). A first down would have almost assured that Jacksonville would not get the ball back, considering the little time remaining. Worst case, the Chargers go into the locker room leading 27-0 with all the momentum. Despite this, Staley elects to call a “daring,” risk-prone play. The play goes south, Jacksonville is given life, and the rest is history.

Bill Fado
Pacific Palisades

Staley is most certainly a fan of Clint Eastwood and spaghetti westerns with his sequel to “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.” Now he needs to duplicate the ending and ride out of town.

Thomas Kelsey

Bye-bye, Brandon Staley. Maybe you can join the Lakers and consult with Rob Pelinka and Jeanie Buss. Time for Dean Spanos to step up and do what it takes to hire Sean Payton.

Steve Geary
Corona del Mar

I knew a Chargers coach would/should get fired after Saturday’s loss to the Jaguars, I just didn’t think it would be the offensive coordinator. I was thinking more along the lines of the (lack of defense) defensive coordinator and/or the head coach. They fired the offensive coordinator for his poor playcalling. The offense didn’t give up 31 points, the defense did.

Russell Morgan

If the Chargers players really believe their current coach can take them to a championship game, only two things are possible. 1) they’re delusional or 2) they don’t like visiting Disneyland.

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Jesse Guevara
Pico Rivera

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