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Clear the way for much more
UC Berkeley housing

UC Berkeley is a condition and nationwide treasure. Always rated at or pretty in close proximity to the best of all U.S. universities. It demands much extra housing for learners and personnel.

In the 1960s the interstate freeway system was constructed across the place, driven by the government’s ideal of eminent area to get assets and spend fair market worth to house owners. In which would we be devoid of that technique right now?

The exact same appropriate ought to use to the UC program, if it doesn’t have it by now: the appropriate to get property for housing and other reasons. Senate Monthly bill 886 would cost-free the UCs from CEQA lawsuits that can tie up jobs for several years. It ought to be passed. Very little is extra vital than a powerful general public education technique for our youngsters.

John Griffin

No have to have to freeze
UC Berkeley enrollment

Re. “Editorial: Freeze UC Berkeley enrollment right up until there is sufficient housing,” Site A6, Feb. 23:

UC Berkeley should not freeze enrollment right until the campus can supply housing for all more college students as stated in this paper’s editorial and needed by the Alameda County Outstanding Courtroom.

There is housing and mass transit for the variety of learners UC Berkeley wants to admit. UC need to adjust its admissions procedures and quotas until it can develop adequate housing. UC must admit much more college students that are now housed within commuting distance of campus and then it will not need to have housing in close proximity to campus. Each and every 12 months UC Berkeley does not confess many regionally housed candidates who would commute to campus applying mass transit units. BART, for case in point, can supply college students inside of a limited walk to campus. In addition, numerous of these candidates are not able to afford to pay for housing on or around campus.

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Quite a few of us commuted to get to higher education. Let’s make our faculties available and cost-effective and enhance BART and bus ridership.

Bruce King
Castro Valley

As adult males fall behind,
who delivers enable?

“Great Resignation delivers females opportunity” (Web page A6, Feb. 22) bemoans females “only” being 31% of the Legislature, urging us to elect a lot more women, seemingly no matter of success.

This form of brain-dead “identity politics” is driving Democrats into the floor nationally inspite of most People agreeing with most Democratic insurance policies, while perpetuating a lengthy-out-of-date impression of American women as “oppressed greater part.”

Throughout the world, engineering undermines the worth of physical toughness, men’s historic edge. Everywhere females advance whilst guys stagnate.

Women reside five decades for a longer time than men on common. Why do not we reorient our wellness treatment method to aim on the dismal wellness of gentlemen?

Ladies currently account for the stable the greater part of graduate as nicely as undergraduate levels. Why is not our schooling procedure focusing on the sorry point out of men’s minds?

Talking of which, males dedicate suicide at 3 to 4 times the charge of females. What does that say about who definitely demands help?

Steve Koppman

Putin’s Ukraine assault
echoes Stalin’s terror

With all the information accounts of Vladimir Putin’s pressuring Ukraine, why has no a single described the Holodomor – Stalin’s effectively-documented pressured hunger campaign against Ukraine in 1932 ensuing in all over 3.9 million deaths?

This together with his OGPU – solution law enforcement – assaults against any Ukrainian nationalists clearly show just how a great deal a lie Putin’s “Ukraine is traditionally component of Russia” statements are. Japanese Europe has traditionally been the battleground amongst Russia and Central Europe. Tiny ponder that so a lot of former Soviet satellite nations have joined NATO considering the fact that 1992. Their actual worry is the Russian bear.

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Putin’s steps in Georgia and Crimea witness the justification for that concern is nonetheless latest. Only a solid, united NATO which include the superpower United States can hinder the voraciousness of Russia’s despot.

Charles Zimbrick

Response to truckers’
protest unreasonable

In “Truckers paralyzed Canada’s capital. It could occur here” (Web page A7, Feb. 15), the writer ends with the suggestion that American conservatives who assistance the Canadian truckers need to “be watchful what they would like for.” Nevertheless, I feel the writer might also take care. The last time American voters received fed up with its govt, we ended up with the likes of Donald Trump.

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