Minister Malenica: ‘The barren opposition creates a fake topic based on some initials’

– It doesn’t matter at all who AP is. This is a private correspondence and someone can refer to you and me and Andrej Plenković or any other person… Prime Minister Plenković, as we have information from the media, is not included in this investigation and the indictment, and it follows that he is not nor did he participate in direct communication with Ms. Žalac and Ms. Rimac about the software – Minister of Administration and Justice Ivan Malenica told HRT.

He claims that the transcripts are a type of unauthorized information, given that they are evidence in a criminal proceeding that is still not public because we have an indictment that has not yet been confirmed.

– We see that the barren opposition is creating a false topic based on some initials and information and is trying to shift the focus from its pro-Russian policy to something that, in my opinion, is false – he added.

He did not want to comment on the criminal proceedings.

– We have a situation where the proceedings are moving from the court to the public. This is something that certainly affects the rights of the defendant, the right to a fair trial, but also the right to privacy, and actually calls into question the meaning and purpose of criminal proceedings. I think that at the professional level, we should discuss whether it is necessary to change the legal regulations, and on the other hand, we should enable the right of the media to report on criminal proceedings, as well as the right of citizens to know certain information from court proceedings – said Malenica.

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