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Miss Manners: A stranger pressured me to allow their illegal parking

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I live in a crowded area and parking is a hot topic. My car was parked in my driveway, and as I was loading stuff into the back, a person drove up and asked, “Are you leaving now?”

I said, “This is my driveway,” and added, “I’m the only one who can park here.” I was honestly confused.

They explained that they were asking my permission to park in front of the driveway “for five minutes,” which is illegal. I kind of see the logic, but I want to be able to leave my driveway whenever I feel like it. Also, I have no power to allow anyone to park illegally (or to commit any other crime).

I ended up saying “fine,” just to be done with it.

Were they wrong in asking me that favor? What should I have said? I honestly didn’t need to leave during that five minutes, but it still bothers me.

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