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Miss Manners: Don’t they know they’re breaking the guidelines for social media posts?

DEAR MISS MANNERS: Social media would be more enjoyable if people followed a few guidelines.

First, some people post too much — several times a day. Please recommend no more than three or four posts a week. Also, some people post too many pictures of their children or grandchildren. They may be dear to the family, but other people’s interest in them is limited.

People should ask themselves: Is this very similar to something I posted recently? Types of posts that should be minimized in number: posts about your children, posts about political or social organizations, ads for businesses (unless it’s really special or to announce that you are starting a business), inspirational mottos, personality tests and movie quizzes. “Memories” posts should be limited to things that are really special (such as weddings), not just your children at an earlier age.

There is sometimes a setting for “See fewer posts like this,” but that isn’t always successful. So it would help if posters would follow some guidelines.

GENTLE READER: Certainly. But currently, Miss Manners has her hands full asking people not to post insulting rhetoric and lewd propositions. In the face of all-out verbal warfare, slipping in an extra picture of their grandchild seems like a pretty minor infraction. But please, knock yourself out.

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