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Miss Manners: I was told I should have lied about this walk in the park

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I recently attended a dinner party where one of the other guests was someone whom I had met once, several years ago, and hadn’t seen since. At that time, we were part of a large group visiting a park. Apparently she and I spent an hour or two walking around together and talking.

To be honest, I had no recollection of this event. She asked if I remembered, and seemed somewhat surprised and offended when I said I didn’t.

After the dinner, a family member told me that I should’ve just nodded and said, “Oh yes, I remember, what a pleasant afternoon,” or something like that. I was worried that I would be caught out in a lie — I’m not a good liar — and just confessed that I didn’t remember.

What do you think I should have done?

GENTLE READER: Certainly not asserted something that would quickly be revealed as untrue.

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