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Miss Manners: When I picked up the tab for a stranger, I didn’t know what I was getting into

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I grew up in an all-military community. My husband and I are not rich, but we made a vow to always pay the restaurant bill for men or women in military uniforms who are dining at the same time with us.

The last time, there were six military members in line to pay as we waited for our table. We walked up and told the cashier, who was also the owner, that we would be paying their bills.

I was a bit shocked at how high the bill was for only six of them but paid it anyway.

After the owner rung up our credit card, he proceeded to hand over several to-go bags to one servicemember who had ordered a bunch of food for his family.

We didn’t say anything, but I was upset that the owner or the person who ordered it didn’t inform us about the to-go order.

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