Morning mail: ‘worst nevertheless to come’ in Ukraine, net outages strike flood help, Neighbours finale

Thursday: Vladimir Putin tells Emmanuel Macron he will proceed to go after his war. In addition: are the catastrophic floods truly a one-in-1,000 year event?

Good early morning. Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskiy has termed for immediate talks with Russia’s Vladimir Putin as “the only way to stop this war”. The US and Uk have introduced more sanctions on Russia. And a lot more rain threatens the floods disaster in NSW.

Concern is mounting in excess of the actions of a huge column of Russian armed service automobiles outside the house Kyiv, amid a absence of fresh new information about its place and the risk it poses. Vladimir Putin has told Emmanuel Macron that Kyiv’s “refusal to take Russia’s conditions” usually means he will carry on to go after his war, the Élysée palace has said, including: “We count on the worst is still to occur.” As the number of refugees fleeing the conflict handed a million and Russian forces, backed by hefty shelling, highly developed on metropolitan areas and important ports in the south and east, Russia’s president reported in a 90-minute contact to his French counterpart he was “prepared to go all the way”. In the meantime, users of the general public are shelling out for Airbnb rentals in Ukraine to help get revenue to residents. The world’s top electricity adviser mentioned Europeans ought to transform down their thermostats by a degree to conserve on gasoline and reduce dependency on Russian imports. Macron has also warned that Europe will have to come to be more unbiased. Ikea has quickly shut all suppliers and factories throughout Russia in a shift influencing 15,000 personnel, becoming the latest in a swathe of western companies to halt operations in the nation. These efforts occur as some nations scramble to speed up imposing sanction.

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