Nation diary 1972: a pay a visit to to an outlying farm

2 March 1972: Scattered far and extensive throughout the region are examples of names bearing the suffix ‘cott’, which means outlying farm

NORTH DEVON: Examples of farm names bearing the suffix “cott” – for occasion Buzzacott, Lovacott, and Pippacott – are scattered much and broad during this location. We approached one of these cotts down a very long, angled lane which, main only to a farm, is not taken care of by the highway authority: no electric powered source wires follow the hedges. A horse’s sneakers were imprinted among the the packed earth and stone of the surface. On the hedgerow, the ash twigs stood gaunt towards a gray sky: we stopped at the gateways to glimpse across the valleys at the erratic hills whose colors had been extremely subdued, a flock of peewits battled overhead in opposition to the raw easterly wind.

Shortly we had been in the shelter of the farm in its dell and had been currently being taken to the stable to see the new horse. The grey gelding could not know how nicely he seemed against the pure white of the whitewashed partitions and the intensive dark of the creosoted woodwork. When he had concluded munching hay he threw his head forcefully more than the 50 percent-doorway and surveyed the scene. That agreeable combination of odours manufactured by the deep contemporary straw, the heat of the horse’s overall body, and a whiff of ammonia, crammed our nostrils. The horse which would be made use of, amongst other points, to acquire supplies from the village shop, was a symbol of independence. As in Saxon situations when that suffix denoting “outlying farm” was first applied, so these days. As we retraced our methods to urban facilities, and the prospect of a energy minimize, the farm faded in the evening mist and we could hear its household generator chugging reassuringly.

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