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Ask Amy: We know a magic formula, and nobody will notify his wife. Should I send an anonymous take note?

Dear Amy: My pal “Jane” texted our group of girlfriends with facts relating to a different girlfriend, “Maggie.”

Amy Dickinson 

Jane informed us all that she was utilizing a social media courting app whilst out of town for organization and Maggie’s spouse “Jed” (also out of town for business) “swiped right” on Jane. The screenshots she shared with us showed that he had established up his profile to appear one.

Jane questioned for tips on what to do with this. We have extensive suspected Jed was no great, but we also admit this few could have an open partnership. Both way, we felt it very best that Maggie have the data.

Jane and I really do not know Maggie perfectly, but an additional girl in the team, “Susan,” does.

Susan agreed to pass the info on to Maggie discreetly and tactfully. Unfortunately, it’s been months, and we just realized that Susan in no way advised Maggie for the reason that it would make her uncomfortable.

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