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Bridge: Aug. 11, 2022

My pal the English professor had cut Cy the Cynic in my club’s penny sport.

“My students define a synonym as a phrase you use when you cannot spell the first term you considered of,” the prof instructed me. “Cy performs the dummy the opposite way: He adopts the initially line of perform he sees.”

At six spades, Cy took the king of golf equipment, drew trumps and experimented with a diamond to his queen. West won and returned a diamond, and East received a diamond.

“I know some synonyms for incompetence,” the prof growled.


Cy really should money the ace of hearts at Trick Two, draw trumps, take two a lot more clubs and guide dummy’s queen of hearts. If East played very low, Cy would pitch a diamond West would be finish-played if he won.

When East covers the queen of hearts, Cy ruffs, qualified prospects a trump to dummy and returns a diamond. If East played very low, Cy could perform the 8 to stop-participate in West. If as a substitute East performs the jack, Cy can take the ace, qualified prospects a trump to dummy and tries a diamond to his queen. West wins but is stop-performed.

Everyday Question

You maintain: S K 10 8 7 2 H Q 8 D 5 4 2 C A J 6. The seller, at your remaining, opens 1 diamond. Your associate doubles. The up coming participant bids 3 diamonds. What do you say?

Answer: Your opponent’s 3 diamonds is obstructive. He desires to make it difficult for you to bid precisely. Jump to 4 spades. If associate has only A653,AJ76,3,K872, you could acquire 12 methods. You would bid a few spades if your king ended up a small spade.

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South vendor

N-S susceptible


S K 10 8 7 2

H Q 8

D 5 4 2

C A J 6


S 6 3

H J 9 7 6 3

D K 6

C 10 9 8 7


S None

H K 10 5 4 2

D J 10 9 7 3

C 5 4 2


S A Q J 9 5 4


D A Q 8

C K Q 3

South West North East
2C Go 2D Move
2S Go 3S Go
4D Go 5C Go
6S All Go
Opening direct — C 10

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