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Bridge: Aug. 15, 2022

Someone the moment noticed – arrogantly, potentially – that if you took a snapshot of an expert’s considered procedures during the play and showed it to an average player, the A.P. would be dumbfounded. In simple fact, most of an expert’s “card-reading” abilities are simple in principle and perfectly in just any player’s get to.

Today’s North-South bid boldly to 4 hearts, and West led a minimal spade, gained by dummy’s ace. Declarer next led a trump to his king, and West took the ace and led a second spade. East’s king won, West received the ace of diamonds, and East’s J-10 of trumps were being worthy of the location trick.

NO Chance

South gave himself no chance. West’s lower-spade opening guide marks East with a spade honor. But East could not reply to the opening bid, that’s why he just can’t hold the ace of hearts. South’s only opportunity to keep away from two trump losers is to participate in East for the J-10. At Trick Two South prospects a trump to his nine. If West’s keeping is, say, A-10, the deal is unmakeable.

This week: looking at the playing cards.

Day-to-day Dilemma

You maintain: S A J H 5 4 2 D K 10 5 3 C A J 7 6. Neither facet vulnerable. The dealer, at your right, opens a person coronary heart. What do you say?

Solution: To pass with this hand with no a revealing pause is a indication of maturity. You deficiency a great go well with to bid and can’t double for takeout with deficient spade guidance. If the following player raises to two hearts and two passes stick to, you may possibly think about balancing with a bid of 2NT, “Unusual” for the insignificant fits.

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West seller

N-S vulnerable



H 5 4 2

D K 10 5 3

C A J 7 6


S Q 10 8 6 4 3

H A 8

D A Q 2

C 10 8


S K 5 2

H J 10 3

D 9 8 6 4

C 4 3 2


S 9 7

H K Q 9 7 6

D J 7

C K Q 9 5

West North East South
1S Go Pass 2H
Move 4H All Move
Opening lead – S 6

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