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Bridge: July 30, 2022

Location up a extensive suit is a fundamental procedure. But even if you create lengthy playing cards, you have to have an entry to achieve them. Maintain your entry predicament fluid.

At 4 hearts, South counted nine easy methods: six trumps and three side-fit aces. His greatest prospect for just one a lot more lay with dummy’s long diamonds, so he cashed the ace and conceded a diamond.

East won and led a club, and South took the ace, led a trump to dummy and ruffed a diamond significant. When West discarded, South was sunk. He could direct a trump to dummy and ruff another diamond to established up the fifth diamond, but dummy lacked a further entry to funds it. Down just one.


South’s entry situation was fluid, but he let it go down the drain when he prematurely took the ace of diamonds. At Trick Two dummy have to direct a very low diamond.

If East returns a club, South wins, prospects a diamond to the ace, ruffs a diamond substantial, goes to the ten of trumps and ruffs a diamond large. He can draw trumps with the A-K and acquire the excellent diamond for a 10th trick.

Every day Query

You hold: S A 7 H K 10 2 D A 6 5 4 3 C 7 6 4. The seller, at your still left, opens three spades. Your lover doubles, and the up coming player passes. What do you say?

Remedy: Your partner’s double obliged you to reply at a high degree (not often, you may well go for penalty), so his hand is truly worth 17 or additional factors. He implies assist for all the unbid fits. Due to the fact you have 11 excellent details, you ought to commit to activity. Bid 5 diamonds or (my option) 3NT.

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South dealer

N-S vulnerable


S A 7

H K 10 2

D A 6 5 4 3

C 7 6 4


S K Q J 8

H 9 8 4

D 8 7

C Q 10 9 5


S 10 9 6 4 3

H 7

D K Q 10 9

C K 8 2


S 5 2

H A Q J 6 5 3

D J 2

C A J 3

South West North East
1H Pass 2D Move
2H Pass 4H All Move
Opening direct — S K

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