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Bridge: July 31, 2022

Cy the Cynic advises keeping away from snap judgments they generally appear unfastened.

When today’s North opened 1NT, South bid two hearts as a “transfer.” Immediately after North bid two spades, South planned to jump to 4 spades as a attempt for slam if he desired to participate in at activity, he would have transferred with a bid of 4 hearts.

West minimize throughout South’s approach by leaping to 4 hearts. When immediately after two passes, South bid 4 spades, North inferred that his companion experienced slam fascination. So North cue-bid his ace of hearts, and South bid six spades.

North-South’s bidding judgment was seem, but South erred in the perform. When West led the king of hearts, South took dummy’s ace — a snap judgment if ever there was one. He discarded a club, drew trumps and led his 3 of diamonds.

West performed low, reasoning that if South had only one particular diamond, he would have discarded it on the ace of hearts. Dummy’s king gained, and South returned a second diamond to his jack, West took the ace and led a large heart, ruffed. South could then pitch a second club on the queen of diamonds, but he experienced a club loser.

Producing the slam was a snap. South plays small from dummy on the initially heart and ruffs in his hand. He draws trumps and prospects his lower diamond by way of West, who in all probability holds the ace for his bid.

If West ducks, dummy wins, and declarer discards his jack of diamonds on the ace of hearts and loses a person club. If rather West grabs his ace of diamonds, South discards all 3 low clubs on the ace of hearts and K-Q of diamonds.

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North vendor

Both equally sides vulnerable


S A J 6 4

H A 5 3

D K Q 5 4

C Q 3


S None

H K Q J 10 6 4 2

D A 7 2

C K J 8


S 9 5

H 9 8 7

D 10 9 8 6

C 10 9 5 4


S K Q 10 8 7 3 2

H None

D J 3

C A 7 6 2

North East South West
1NT Go 2H 4H
Move Pass 4S Go
5H Pass 6S All Move
Opening lead — H K

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